Mindful Parenting with Headspace, Lilly Singh & Sesame Street

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Headspace hosted a Mindful Families event to share about their partnerships with Lilly Singh, creator and producer of Unicorn Island and Sesame Street for “Goodnight, World! podcast.

Headspace and Lilly Singh Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island

Note: I was invited as media to the event. However, any views expressed are always 100% my own.

Lilly Singh Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island

All with the aim of helping families have a calmer back-to-school transition, as well as gain tips to manage their mental health and wellness.

Lilly Singh & Unicorn Island Partnership

During the event Lilly Singh took the stage and shared about the premiere of Headspace’s new animated series, “Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island,”.

Lilly Singh: We all have a happy place in us. Mine looks really weird and wacky. In the show, you'll see all types of wild things and I encourage you to think, what's in your unicorn island.

Now the show is about a young Lilly. That's me. She learns how to meditate, and she turns into a unicorn and she transports to the magical world of unicorn island. Her name becomes really Lillycorn, and she meets all these fantastical friends on the island.

Lilly Singh: Together, they solve problems by learning one mindfulness technique, backed by science and our amazing partners at Headspace.

I wish I'd learned about mindfulness when I was a kid. I wish I'd learn about it in school, how to meditate, how to look inwards, how to reflect, how to identify my emotions.

I can confidently say that every human will benefit from this show.

The series incorporates mindfulness principles to help kids gain emotional-regulation skills to make sense of challenges in their lives.

Lilly stars in the 10-episode series launching exclusively on YouTube on September 12th and will air new episodes weekly through World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

The cast also includes voice actors Kal Penn (Lilly’s Dad), Padma Lakshmi (Lilly’s Mom), and Utkarsh Ambudkar (Amar, Lilly's brother)

Sesame Street Goodnight, World! Season 2 Podcast Partnership

Headspace Sesame Street Goodnight, World Season 2 Podcast
Headspace Cookie Monster Sesame Street Exercise

Cookie Monster and Dr. Rosemarie Truglio from Sesame Workshop taught kids and their families a wind down exercise, a helpful tool to help prepare minds and bodies for sleep. Headspace and its long-standing partnership with Sesame Workshop has returned for the 2nd season of Goodnight, World! podcast. The audio series uses meditation and mindfulness techniques to help little ones unwind during their bedtime routines and restful moments with the help of a rotating cast of Sesame Street friends.

Even beyond bedtime and naptime, mindfulness is a powerful tool to help kids unwind from their day and regulate their emotions, skills that set them up for success in school and in life.

Season 2 includes Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Gabrielle, Abby, Tango, and Nina, and will be available exclusively inside the Headspace app for the first 6 months launching on September 6th, and then will be available across all major podcast platforms.

Headspace ‘Mindful Parenting’ Collection

The new ‘Mindful Parenting’ collection was created to support the journeys of parents and caregivers, meet them in their most acute need-states, and help them realize their long-term parenting goals.

The collection has two focus areas:

Becoming a Mindful Parent: This section will focus on the “big picture” of parenting with advice and guidance from kids and family mindfulness and meditation teacher Samantha Snowden and child psychiatrist Dr. Jon Kole.

The duo help parents and caregivers strategically think about how to lead and cultivate a mindful family culture, how to fill your own bucket as a parent, as well as helping parents learn how to build affirmations (i.e. “I am there and I love them”) a first for the Headspace app.

Parenting “Survival Guide”: This section will consist of more “acute” state resources for parents to navigate the “day-to-day” parenting challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, losing your temper, and getting flustered.

Learn more, visit - www.headspace.com/mindful-families

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