Interview: Britt Stewart (DWTS) & Band-Aid OurTone Supports Diversity in Dance

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During a special dance clinic, I meet with Britt Stewart (“Dancing with the Stars” first Black female professional dancer) at Ballet Hisp├ínico to learn about her non-profit Share The Movement and partnership with BAND-AID Brand OURTONE bandages.

Britt Stewart Band-Aid OurTone Encourage Dance Diversity

Note: I was invited as media to the event. However, any views expressed are always 100% my own.

Britt was very active during the event. She welcomed the families who brought their children to the dance clinic, joined Brandon Armstrong (DWTS Pro) to teach the kid dancers a Tik Tok dance, and moderated a panel to discuss diversity in the dance world and more.

With such a busy schedule of activities, I really appreciated getting to meet and interview Britt, who was so inspiring.

Importance of Partnerships

Britt Stewart: The partnership with myself, my non-profit, Share The Movement and BAND-AID® Brand OURTONE® is very special to me, for so many different reasons.

With Share The Movement, we have the mission to increase diversity in the professional dance industry by really creating the hug of support around BIPOC dancers. We support financially, inspirationally, educationally.

And it's really an organic partnership, with BAND-AID® Brand, because they really see the power and the amazing healing benefits, not only just the physical movement, but of dance.

Britt Stewart: So to be able to uplift black and brown communities through dance, and our initiative this summer, has been really special.

And then, of course, on a personal note, I'm such a champion of representation, inclusivity and breaking barriers. So to partner with BAND-AID® Brand OURTONE has been so rewarding.

Importance of Skin-tone Bandages & Wound Care

Britt Stewart: It is so important to have a bandage that not only covers your wound, but also doesn't announce to the whole world "I'm hurt".

I know that for kids, if they get a boo-boo or get cut, maybe they don't want to go to school with a big pink band aid. Where everyone can see that.

Britt Stewart: And then, for me as a dancer, when I go on stage, I want to be able to still have that smooth mind, without announcing to the audience that something happened backstage.

National Dance Day (Sept 16)

Britt Stewart: For our national dance day initiative, I will share my favorite dance essentials, including BAND-AID® Brand OURTONE bandages. And there will also be a giveaway, which we'll share more information about on the BAND-AID® Brand Instagram (@BandAidBrand).

But I'm also excited to share all the things that I love as a dancer, but that is accessible to absolutely everybody, including kids and adults. And I'm a champion for health and wellness, so I'm excited to share those things.

Memorable Moment on Dancing with the Stars

Britt Stewart: Being a pro on Dancing with the Stars is something so special, I do not take it for granted. I'm able to really curate this experience for a non-dancer. I'm able to share their journey with our audience.

But I'm also able to open up their minds and hearts to the power of dance.

You can get a partner and they think it might be the silliest thing in the world. And then they start doing samba hips one week, and then do contemporary the next week, and they walk away with such a respect for the art form, but also they see the power in it.

Britt Stewart: My partner that season Daniel Duran, he's deaf and so he wasn't exposed to dance as an option. Because dance is usually associated with music. And now he asks me to dance all the time, because he knows that physical movement. It just does something for a human body.

I have a lot of fun stories, but that is probably my favorite.

Encouraging Dance for Everyone, Even Moms

Britt Stewart: Dance is so powerful. I know that I've been dancing since I was three, so it's in my DNA like runs through my entire body so it comes very natural to me. But I also know how beneficial dance is.

Dance is good for your brain, it is good for your body, it's good for your health, it releases endorphins and help with so many things for one person.

Britt Stewart: So I always like to say, if someone is nervous about dancing, go to your bedroom, turn the light off, put your favorite song on and just let your body move and that will help.

And then you can start with baby steps, turn the light back on. And then you can go to the living room. Maybe out to the front door, and then maybe find yourself at a dance class. But whatever you do, it's just that you make experience for yourself and I just encourage everybody to get out there.


BAND-AID® Brand OURTONE® believes in the uplifting power of dance, which is why the brand and Share The Movement are hosting a series of free dance clinics in Atlanta, NYC, and Los Angeles and providing resources for the Black and Brown dance community.

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