How Loop Earplugs Reduce Noise for Focus and Health

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I love spending time outside doing all the relaxing things, but sometimes outside can be just a bit too loud. Sometimes I need to soften the surrounding noise, so I can tune-in to whatever I'm doing.

How Loop Earplugs Reduce Noise for Focus and Health

Note: I received a product sample for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

After learning about Loop Earplugs, which helps control excess sound or noise, I tried them while outside in the park. While the brand sent me both Loop Quiet and Loop Experience, I focused on using the Loop Experience to see if I can read a book, without being distracted by the nearby people and park activity chatter.

How Loop Earplugs Reduce Noise for Focus and Health

My main concern was either still hearing everything or not hearing nothing, but the Loop Experience gave me the best of both worlds. The background noise was soften enough for me to enjoy my reading time, but I could still hear what was happening around me. But it wasn't distracting.

The Loop Experience Earplugs was easy to fit and wear since it comes with ear tips, that I can wash and reuse later. When I was finished with my "quiet" park time, I put the Loop Earplugs into it's travel case and headed on to my next activity.

How Loop Earplugs Reduce Noise for Focus and Health

Having the noise soften during my park time was a great experience. Sometimes you don't want all that extra noise, which can lead to stress, headaches and more anxiety. The Loop Earplugs helps calm that down.

Now that I know how good the Loop Earplugs work, I plan on trying the other options to help me adjust during higher noise situations.

Learn about Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs Quiet Experience Engage

Loop’s mission is to break the stigma surrounding hearing protection. They can help prevent everyday struggles like stress, migraines, hearing damage and even panic attacks by giving people control over excess sound or noise.

They want to empower people to live life to the fullest, in style & confidence. Their design not only resembles a loop (also functional), but looks good too.

Loop Quiet ($19.95)

Loop Quiet are earplugs that reduce noise by 27 decibels, which most describe as medium noise reduction. Made of soft silicone, Loop blocks most noise to give you peace and make your world more quiet.

Loop Experience ($29.95)

Loop Experience earplugs reduce noise by 18 decibels, which most describe as 'low noise reduction'. By combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, Loop protects your hearing in style.

Loop Engage ($29.95) New Launch!

Loop Engage can be worn at any engagement – at bars, birthday parties, dinner tables, networking events and more. Sustainable and lightweight, they help you manage sound without the echoey, head-underwater feeling.

An acoustic channel with a newly designed filter ensures up to 16dB of noise reduction, without affecting the quality or clarity of your voice.

Loop is built to suit every single ear. Each set ordered comes ready with 4 pairs of ear tips in sizes XS to L. We’ve also got XXS tips available, for the 10% of the population who need them. All Loop earplugs are washable and reusable.

With tons of colors to choose from, Loop users are equipped to make their earplugs all their own. They also come with a carry case, so you can take your Loops with you on the go.

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