3 Reasons to See Disney Encanto & CAMP NYC Immersive Experience

By 10/25/2022 04:50:00 PM

CAMP invites families to join La Familia Madrigal for a new immersive experience including an enchanting hour-long visit to The Casita, filled with candlelight, cumbia and magical powers.

Disney Encanto CAMP Stores NYC Immersive Experience

Note: I was invited as media to preview the exhibit. However, any views expressed are always 100% my own.

I had the chance to experience the #DisneyEncantoXCAMP Store NYC Immersive Experience and it's truly magical. There was lots of features for families to enjoy, but I wanted to share 3 that stood out for me.

Disney Encanto CAMP Stores NYC Immersive Experience

Connection to Disney Encanto World

The #DisneyEncantoXCAMP Store Experience did a great job of making you feel like your entering into the world of La Familia Madrigal.

You start off getting your own personal candle (not a real one) and a mini intro into each activities for the rooms. There's a few more things but I don't want to give away all the secrets.

Disney Encanto CAMP Stores NYC Immersive Experience
Disney Encanto CAMP Stores NYC Immersive Experience

Interactive Rooms

The rooms themselves offers total immersion into the "world" of the La Familia Madrigal characters. For in example in "Mirabel's" room there was storytelling and fun augmented reality windows.

While in "Bruno’s" room, we met Bruno, sang songs and played games with his rats. There other rooms offered more activity families could enjoy.

We enjoyed going back and forth to the rooms discovering different activities. There's lots!

Interactive Moments

While the main attractions are the rooms based on the personality and "powers" of the different La Familia Madrigal, there's lots of bonus experiences happening outside the rooms which include group sing-a-longs and character interactions.

There's also a town square where you can shop. It's a fun way to end the experience and take some of the La Familia Madrigal magic home. Which includes a photo showing which hidden power your leaving with.

Disney Encanto x CAMP in New York City, is an in-person experience based on the Disney movie in the 5th Avenue Flagship store. Limited tickets are available now.

Disney Encanto Immersive Experience at CAMP NYC

The 6,000 sq ft Encanto experience behind CAMP’s signature Magic Door will include:

  • Sliding into Antonio’s Rainforest, swinging through Isabela’s flower-filled room, shapeshifting in Camilo's Mirror Maze and more. We aren’t going to talk about Bruno’s room, but guests surely will.
  • Interactive scenes inspired by the film and created uniquely for this experience including: Luisa’s and Peppa’s never-before-seen Rooms and Dolores Doors.
  • Shopping in the Encanto town square (La Placita) for exclusive and customizable character-based clothing, animal puppets, and colorful jewelry all displayed in a series of beautiful merchant carts.
  • A family photo that captures their magical powers as a keepsake of their visit to The Encanto.

Disney Encanto Clothing Collection at CAMP NYC

Inspired by the vibrancy of the film, the Disney Encanto x CAMP Exclusive Capsule Collection is also available for purchase nationwide and will be available at CAMP's Flagship store.

The pieces include Isabela and Mirabel inspired Twirl Skirts and matching embellished sweatshirts, character-based tees, hats, and bags that can be customized with detailed chain stitching, colorful felt patches, whimsical rickrack trimmings and more.

Disney Encanto x CAMP will be in New York for a limited time before moving to another CAMP location.

Learn more, visit - www.camp.com/disneyencanto

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