Big Moe Interview for World of Flavor With Big Moe Cason

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To get ready for the premier of ‘World of Flavor With Big Moe Cason’ on National Geographic, I joined a virtual culinary experience with award-winning barbecue master Big Moe Cason!

Big Moe Cason Interview for World of Flavor on National Geographic

Note: I was invited as media to this event. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

During the virtual experience I hear grilling tips from Big Moe while watching him prepare a brisket for BBQing. It was a unique experience.

After the demo, I was able to ask Moe a few questions since I was able to preview the first two episodes of ‘World of Flavor With Big Moe Cason’.

  • How to get backyard BBQ flavor in a city kitchen?

Big Moe: Since most city kitchens only have an oven to use, utilizing Liquid Smoke will add that smoky, grilled flavor to any dish.

  • In South Carolina Soul episode, you talked about the history of slavery and BBQ. What are some changes in original BBQ style and modern BBQ?

Big Moe: The main changes have been in the techniques and equipment used for modern BBQ.

  • How to make a BBQ menu with healthy options?

Big Moe: BBQ itself is healthy, but you can change the types of protein used for lighter fare such as fish and veggies

  • In another episode, you make a handle for a cast iron pan. What to look for in a good cast iron cookware?

Big Moe: Something with weight to it so it can evenly cook your food. A good quality cast iron will last you for years as long as you take care of it.

Big Moe, shows off perfectly cooked Lomo al Trapo.
(photo credit: National Geographic/Petr Cikhart)

I'm so thankful I was able to have a chat with Big Moe. After watching him in the ‘World of Flavor With Big Moe Cason’ episodes and during the virtual experience, I can tell he enjoys the foodies experience, just like I do!

You can watch Big Moe in the all-new four-part unscripted series WORLD OF FLAVOR WITH BIG MOE CASON, which premiered July 25 on National Geographic.

Champion Pitmaster Big Moe Cason is spanning the globe to connect with new cultures and serve up meals to make the locals proud. He dives for fresh conch in the Bahamas, roasts ‘gator in Louisiana, connects with his roots in South Carolina and braves piranha-infested waters in Colombia.

Along the way, U.S. Navy veteran Big Moe Cason explores the many connections between American barbecue and cultures around the world.

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