Allen Maldonado Interview for American Carnage Movie

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American Carnage is now in Theaters, On Demand and Digital, featuring a horrifying real storyline. I interviewed actor Allen Maldonado about his character "Big Mac", who has a unique role in the film that viewers will enjoy watching.

Note: I was invited as media for movie screening and film cast interview. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Here's what Allen Maldonado shared about his character, the films message and how he self cares.

Keeping the Humor in a Dark Movie

Allen Maldonado: Humor was defiantly written in. I was written to be the comic relief. But just finding the comedic energy in this film was profound to me.

We shot this in Spain, and I don't speak Spanish. So we're in a Spanish speaking country, and I have a crew of 60+ people, laughing from my jokes. That was something I had to tap into, being that we didn't speak the same language.

Allen Maldonado: I had to be able to get to a certain place both comedically and energically, that it was universal. To be able to do that, led me know instantly I was going in the right direction with my character.

Selfcare: Movie vs Real Life

Allen Maldonado: I'm a massage every week type person. I am a person of selfcare. I put my money into that. Foot massages, full body, facial skincare, all of that! I'm 100% about that life.

Real Reaction to Scary Moment

Allen Maldonado: Listen, I'm a smart person so it depends. If there's nowhere to run, then it's to the death. Me and him. And I'm going home. I'm going home!

But I'm not an idiot. If I have room to run, then I'm outta there. I have nothing to prove to whatever "this" is. I'm not going to fight, just to be fighting. We going to be smart about this!

Take Away Message of American Carnage

Allen Maldonado: I feel the overall message of the film is to speak on a topic, but in an entertaining way. Immigration is a tough topic in American, currently, past and in the future. We continue to try and figure things out.

But what I think we're doing in this film is putting a face to word "immigrant". I feel people don't look at it as a human problem. It's seen as a "thing".

Allen Maldonado: You don't think of a small child being in a cage as immigration. So to be able to put a face, personality and memorable moments with an individual. Then all of a sudden, that individual that you've grown to love, is now.

I think that brings a different element to the conversation that we've executed with this film. To get people to think and talk about the problems with immigration, and hopefully find a solution.


After a governor issues an executive order to arrest the children of undocumented immigrants, the newly detained youth are offered an opportunity to have their charges dropped by volunteering to provide care to the elderly.

Once inside the eldercare facility, the volunteers discover the governor and the facility’s supervisor have cooked up a horrifyingly depraved conspiracy that endangers the young and the old in this twisted thriller-comedy.

Starring: Jorge Lendeborg Jr, Jenna Ortega, Allen Maldonado, Bella Ortiz, Jorge Diaz, Yumarie Morales, Catherine McCafferty, with Brett Cullen and Eric Dane

American Carnage Official Trailer (2022)

Directed By: Diego Hallivis
Written By: The Hallivis Brothers

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