Travel The Foodie World With Baketivity Summer Kits

By 6/22/2022 11:46:00 AM

Baketivity allows you to experience a new country each week with this year’s summer baking kits… and it all happens from your home kitchen!

Baketivity Summer Baking Kits

With pre-measured and individually packaged ingredients, an easy to follow guide and activity booklet, these baking kits are perfect for those that love food and travel!

As a Bake-a-Camper you’ll receive a big box with 4 kits- one for every week of the month. Each kit will feature a specific country and culture, while exploring pastries that they’re famous for.


Week 1- Scrumptious Eclairs
Week 2- German Apple Cake
Week 3- Churros with Dipping Sauce
Week 4- Fairy Bread Cake


Week 1- Dessert Pizza
Week 2- Swedish Cinnamon Buns
Week 3- Dulche De Leche Bars
Week 4- Dutch Chocolate Cake

Aside from convenience of the package recipe, ingredients and instruction, you’ll have personal guidance from top-of-the-line baker. With valuable, entertaining Zoom classes, you’ll experience the baking summer camp to the max. You’ll get to make new friends from all over the country, and bake, learn and play together.

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