I’m The Chef Too! Baking Kits Blend Food & STEM Learning

By 6/22/2022 03:35:00 PM ,

Created by a mother and educator, I’m The Chef Too! is a subscription kit that infuses educational concepts into recipes to make learning fun, engaging, and tasty!

I’m The Chef Too! subscription baking kits

Each month, new adventures are released that blend food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun!

Each “Choose Your Adventure Kits” infuse STEAM based concepts into recipes, giving children the creative confidence to learn in a unique meaningful way.

I'm The Chef Too! Cooking Adventures Video Clip

Children are creating, inventing, designing, engineering, and questioning all through the world of cooking! These learning experiences include inquiry based learning and problem solving as they bake their way through some of their favorite topics!

Kids can learn about outer space as they whip up galaxy donuts, engineer erupting volcano cake as they learn about chemical reactions, or even discover geology as they bake cupcake geodes, the adventures are endless!

There’s never a shortage of STEAM ideas to get young minds thinking and learning in the kitchen! Subscription or one-time kits are available.

Learn more, visit - www.imthecheftoo.com

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