3 Tips on How to Find a Travel Nanny

By 6/06/2022 01:59:00 PM

Lots of families are making travel plans this time of year. But if you're a family with a young child, you might want to hire some take along help, like a travel nanny!

 Tips on How to Find a Travel Nanny

A travel nanny should be an experienced professionals with lots of infant knowledge and are excited to be part of a trip with your family. They can engage with your baby and do all the things you would do at home (feed them bottles, diaper changes, read to them).

You can explore the city and take all the adventures you want knowing your child is safe and happy back at the hotel.

To get more information about hiring a nanny for childcare while traveling, I connected with Brooke Barousse, household expert and founder of Lexington Nannies. Here are a few tips Brooke shared!

Tips on How to Find a Summer or Travel Nanny

Make a wish list of all your needs.

Ex. how many bottles, diapers, change of clothes, do they keep a journal to write down sleeping/eating/pooping notes. If you are hiring someone, then use this list based on what you've been doing, so the hired nanny knows how the parents like things done throughout the day.

Parents know if they want someone to track everything, stay super organized, give thorough descriptions or if they are more easy going. This will help you create a job post and know what to tell your friends or a nanny agency, so they can help you find your perfect Summer or Travel nanny.

Categories to cover include: the schedule you're seeking; whether they will be watching all your children or only some of them; job duties; pay range you can offer (it's a competitive nanny market); what hasn't worked with nannies you've employed in the past; your childrens' interests; your household personality (busy, chaotic, calm, loud, etc.).

Check During the Interview

When interviewing Professional nannies, look for reliability, strong excellent references, a friendly personality, CPR certification, willingness to go through an extensive background check, and a true passion for working with children.

Red flags to look out for: They don't smile when they talk about children. Showing up late to an interview. Are there gaps in their resumes that they can't explain? It's understandable in life to have gaps, people try new careers, take care of their own children, travel, etc.

Traits to look for in a nanny- I would look for nannies that have valid passports, an active and fun way about them, adaptability, and are strong swimmers. Make sure they are vaccinated for Covid and check the current mandates for the particular country you're going to visit if you’ll be traveling internationally.

Use an Agency

Using an agency eliminates having to search through tons of resumes, interviewing and doing background checks. We do all that for you! You just need to tell us about your kids, family personalities and activities your children enjoy. We are matchmakers, so we're looking for a great fit based on your wishlist.

Since 2006, Brooke has been a nanny whisperer, known for her highly individualized selection process to match nannies and homes—get a modern day Mary Poppins at your door!

Learn more, visit - www.lexingtonnannies.com

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