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Song of the North, an epic Persian story told through shadow puppetry, projected animation and more, had it's US premiere at BAM's Harvey Theater stage, and we had the chance to see the first show, along with meeting creator and director Hamid Rahmanian.

Note: I received media tickets to the show for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

The show itself is an amazing mix of shadow puppetry, animation and musical storytelling. We loved it and highly recommend to families who enjoy live theater or want to experience something different.

Song of the North offers a visual experience that keeps you engaged and excited to see what's next. From watching a hero going on an adventure, to seeing how a princess charms using her voice, to a battle with a large scale monster, it's all told on screen? or better behind screen in an engaging way.

Apart from the visual, there's the culture and historical aspects of the show. Just in time for Persian (Iranian) New Year (Sunday, March 20), you will learn a bit about Persian history and folklore through the storytelling and personalities of the historic men and women portrayed. Which is a nice exposure for families.

Overall Song of the North offers a lot from cinematic theater performance to raising culture awareness.

To learn more about this, I had the chance to interview Hamid Rahmanian about bring Song of the North to the BAM stage.

Interview with Hamid Rahmanian for Song of the North

Can you share why you use puppets to tell the story of Song of the North?

Hamid: Puppets are very expressive and can inspire imagination. They connect with all age groups. The art form is also unique, ethereal, and magical. I really like playing in that realm. It's satisfying to watch 2D forms come to life so that the audience forgets they are watching puppets and becomes immersed in the story.

Why do you think the storyline is relatable to all cultures?

Hamid: The story is universal. The themes of ego, the naivety of youth, the complications of life, and forgiveness are all universal. Everyone can relate to the struggles that the characters go through and how they all grow as a result of their adventure. The story may take place in certain geography but they are timeless and relatable.

What's your favorite childhood memory of celebrating Persian (Iranian) New Year?

Hamid: Getting together with family, the house full of people. I remember eating from the overflowing bowls of sweets and candies, the delicious meals, and especially receiving brand new, crisp bills (money) as gifts from our elders.

How can US families honor and celebrate Persian (Iranian) New Year?

Hamid: Spring is a time of renewal. Do some spring cleaning, visit family members, definitely eat some fish and herbed rice (it’s a tradition for every Nowruz), and buy some fresh Spring flowers like hyacinths to make your house smell good.

BAMkids presents the US premiere of Song of the North, a large-scale cinematic live performance, that is an inspirational epic story from ancient Persia, told through shadow puppetry, projected animation, music, movement, and theater.

Carefully crafted for young audiences, it's a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience that celebrates collaboration, experimentation, and unity.

Song of the North
Created and directed by Hamid Rahmanian
Kingorama and Two Chairs
Courtesy of Fictionville Studio

Mar 5 at 2pm;
Mar 12 at 2pm and 7pm
Price: Pay-what-you-wish starting at $15
Ages 8-14

Song of North Promo at BAM

Over 400 handmade puppets are used to tell the story of Manijeh, a courageous heroine who uses her strengths and determination to rescue her beloved and help prevent a war. Adapted from the Book of Kings (Shahnameh), a historical and cultural touchstone that is a national treasure in Iran, Song of the North challenges the Eurocentric worldview of art and storytelling.

The multi-disciplinary show is created, designed, and directed by Hamid Rahmanian, a 2014 Guggenheim fellowship-winning filmmaker/visual artist. Song of the North tells the story of Manijeh, a heroine from ancient Persia, who uses her strengths and talents to reconcile Iran and Turan's warring kingdoms and rescue her beloved Bijan from a perilous predicament of her own making.

It will be the first puppet theater production to be presented on BAM's Harvey Theater stage. The production runs March 5 at 2pm and March 12 at 2pm and 7pm.

Harvey Theater at BAM Strong
651 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, NY

Learn more, visit -

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