3 Ways Hubble Connected & Motorola WiFi Monitor Connects Families

By 4/16/2020 11:58:00 AM ,

Given the current situation of social distancing, it has become difficult to remain connected with our families. Being sheltered-in-place means many grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members are separated from children so they can maintain their health.

The Hubble Connected, which powers many Motorola products, wants to reduces physical distance by providing eyes and ears for families to check in on loved ones from anywhere with their mobile devices or tablets.

  • While at home, use the large, 5.0” display to get a clear view of our little one. Oversee the entire room with the digital pan and tilt functionality and get a close-up view using the digital zoom. Monitor the room temperature to ensure the nursery is comfortable for your baby.
  • Speak to and hear your little one from home or on-the-go with the two-way talk feature and soothe your little one to sleep with a lullaby, soothing sound or audiobook, without going into the nursery. You can even create your own audio recordings and soothing sounds to play for baby when you’re away.
  • Parents and other family members can also capture and save special moments by manually recording video footage for safe keeping or to share with family maintaining social distancing while multitasking.

As you can see, the Motorola Wi-Fi® Video Baby Camera enables you to keep an eye on things from anywhere on your compatible smart device using the Hubble app.

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