8 Ways Apple's Siri helps get tasks done faster

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I confess, for a while now family and friends have tried to get me on #TeamiPhone. So I've added an iPhone to my lifestyle and it been interesting. Yes, it took me a while to figure out some things, but once I did, I could see some cool ways to use an iPhone and other iOS products.

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So I want to share how different tips and info about iPhone, iPads, etc can enhance families lifestyles.

To get started, I'm sharing a few different ways you can use Siri to get things done faster and more efficiently, while on the go and at home. For many, talking to Siri is a quick way to get things done. The more you use Siri, the better it knows what you need.

So how can you use Siri?

  • Search Photos from your last vacation: Siri makes Searching in Photos simple. You can just ask for what you want. For example, “Hey Siri, Show my photos from palm springs!”
  • Translate on-the-go Use Siri to translate English to 9 languages: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic.
  • Control Music Seamlessly: Whether you’re on a run with your AirPods, in the car with CarPlay or at home with HomePod, you can play and control music from Apple Music. And Siri can now play music through third party apps like Pandora and Spotify. For example, "Play Smooth Jazz on Pandora.” You can also say, “Turn it up”, “Play the next/previous song”, “Pause”, ”Resume”, “Shuffle songs”, ”Repeat.”
  • Perform tasks on Apple Watch: New Siri features on Apple Watch include Shazam, and now, you can ask Siri to do a web search on your Apple Watch.
  • Set the mood with Home control: Control your HomeKit accessories using Siri on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay and/or HomePod. For example, you can ask Siri to set the “I’m Home” scene while you’re driving. When you arrive, your house will be bright and warm, waiting for you to settle in.
  • Keep track of what’s important with Find My: Find your devices and friends using commands like, "Hey Siri, ping my AirPods” and “Hey Siri, where is Daren?”
  • Take advantage of Live radio: Siri is your own personal DJ and can now play 100,000 stations globally. So you can just say, “Hey Siri, Play Z100.”
  • Control your Apple TV: Control the TV using the Siri button. For example, “Find good movies to watch with kids.” You can also add shows to your Up Next while on the go using your iPhone and they will appear on your Apple TV home screen. Finally, if you didn’t catch a line of dialogue in a show, you can ask Siri, “What did she say?” And Siri will rewind and play the last thing said with subtitles.

These are just a few ways I've learned about, but there's many more ways to use Siri. Try it out and discover what works for you.

To learn more, visit - www.apple.com/siri

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