3D Build & Play Printing Device for Young Kids

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3Doodler has debuts "3D Build & Play", which introduces 3D printing technology to children as young as 4-years-old, in ways that promote hands-on learning, three-dimensional thinking, fine motor skills development and cognitive development.

Young creators follow along with the specially written story, pop-up backgrounds and molds to create their own 3D jungle characters, and then guide Jim the Giraffe, Elle the Elephant, Pete the Parrot and Leo the Lion to the city and back.

Using low-heat (110 degrees F), BPA-Free and non-toxic, biodegradable plastic, 3D Build & Play is completely safe for kids to use. As a tactile learning toy, 3D Build & Play teaches fine motor skills, hands-on learning and three dimensional thinking, all while cranking away and having fun.


  • 3D ART MADE EASY FOR KIDS: Plastic hardens allowing kids to literally create their own objects and characters within minutes (no additional treatment needed).
  • READ ALONG & PLAY with story-based Activity Guide. Perfect for parent-child play time.
  • INCLUDES FREE MOLDS for easy to make characters and objects (animals, weather, and accessories)
  • EASY TO USE designed to be fun and easy to hold and use, crank can be moved for Left-or Right-Handed users

3D Build & Play by 3Doodler - Create in 3D in Seconds

Serving as the most affordable 3D printing product of any kind on the market today, 3D Build & Play joins the 3Doodler Start (ages 6+) and 3Doodler Create+ (ages 14+) in the 3Doodler family of 3D printing devices.

3D Build & Play (MSRP: $29.99) is currently available for pre-order with delivery expected during June 2020. Major retailers including Amazon are also expected to carry the product around this time.

To learn more, visit - www.3dbuildplay.com

Also, visit - www.the3doodler.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/3Doodler
Twitter - www.twitter.com/3doodler
Instagram - www.instagram.com/3doodler

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