Plackers Kids Flossers Helps Clean Teeth

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This week we plan on enjoying all the candy for Halloween. But what happens after we've eaten all the treats and spooky food colored foods? We need to clean our teeth by brushing and flossing!

Note: This post is in partnership with Plackers. I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

While most kids can handle brushing their teeth with no problem, getting them to floss isn't as easy. Lets be honest. Flossing isn't exactly exciting fun. That's why families with kids should know about Plackers Kids flossers.

Plackers Kids flossers come in kid friendly flavors, have bright fun colors and are just the right size for little hands. My niece was able to floss her teeth easily after a meal, since the kids flossers has a dual grip handle and angled head to fit her smaller mouth.

But that's not all. Each Plackers Kids Flosser contains fluoride to promote healthy teeth. And the bag has a suze-zip seal, which means easy close and no spilling all over the bathroom sink and floor.

If you need a way to encourage kids to floss better and more regularly then try using some of these Plackers products.

  • Kids flossers: The sugar in Halloween candy can play some unwanted tricks on your child’s teeth if you’re not careful. It’s important to ensure your children floss their teeth before bed after a night of sweet treats. Plackers Kids flossers makes it easy with a dual grip handle and angled head. The Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor and bright colors don’t hurt either!
  • Back Teeth Micro Mint flossers: But children aren’t the only ones at risk of tricks this season – research says parents may not get dressed up to go trick-or-treating but 44% will eat more candy than their children this Halloween! Plackers Back Teeth Micro Mint flossers are available for those parents that shamelessly steal candy from their children’s Halloween haul. These angled floss picks are specially designed to access hard to reach back teeth.
  • Apple Cinnamon flossers: Looking for something with fall flavors? Plackers Apple Cinnamon flossers are infused with a burst of apple cinnamon flavor that will delight your senses and keep your smile free of debris

Hopefully these Plackers products help your kids avoid “boo-thaches” this spooky holiday season.

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