BAM Teknopolis VR Experience: interactive digital arts showcase

By 2/20/2019 10:32:00 AM

Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) popular, interactive digital arts showcase TEKNOPOLIS returns on Feb 23 through Mar 10, with new programs designed to inspire creativity, connect with the future, and embolden a renewed sense of play for all ages.

This year’s highlights offer the latest in technology-fueled art and participatory environments, featuring work by leading artists and technologists, including Zach Lieberman, Molmol Kuo, Gilles Jobin, Cabbibo, and Daily tous les jours.

The three-week-long digital arts playground will offer two different experiences: Teknopolis™ and Teknopolis™ + VR, allowing visitors to choose according to digital features and age-appropriate experences.

Teknopolis 2019 at BAM

The new Teknopolis™ + VR experience, allows visitors full access to the digital arts showcase throughout the entire BAM facility in two-hour timed-entry sessions.

In addition to the main and lower-lobby level installations, Teknopolis™ + VR participants will have exclusive access to try a selection of immersive VR and 360° films in small groups—open to ages 9+—located on the upper levels of the BAM Fisher.

The 90-minute experience commences in the Fishman Space with six motion-based and touch-based installations curated by Brooklyn artists Molmol Kuo and Zach Lieberman, co-founder of the creative software openFrameworks, and other collaborators.

Schedule and Ticket Infomation

Teknopolis™ 2019
BAM Fisher (321 Ashland Pl)
Sat, Feb 23 & Sun, Feb 24; Thu, Feb 28—Sun, Mar 3; Thu, Mar 7—Sun, Mar 10

$16 for children (Ages 6—14)
$21 for adults

Teknopolis™ + VR
$35 for children (Ages 9—14)
$45 for adults

Each person must have a ticket to be admitted, regardless of age. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information call 718.636.4100 or visit

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