Hatchimals Playdate Fun in the Park #NMBxHatchimalsBTS

By 9/04/2018 04:15:00 PM ,

As we head towards the end of summertime, we're trying to squeeze in as much outside fun as possible, which included a "Back To School Hatchimals Bash" playdate in the park hosted by New Mommy Bliss.

We joined a few of our bloggers friends for a day of fun activities that included.....

Coloring activities for the adults and kids.

For the kids, Dominican cupcake decorating (and eating) along with some Mott’s Sensibles juice, which has 100% apple juice, coconut water and a splash of vegetable juice.

A few games of tag, red light green light and any other games the kids can make up.

Then we took time out to "hatch" new friends. This was SO fun. The kids were excited to discover which one of the Hatchimals "Mystery" friends would be theirs.

Besides the fun "hatching" feature, I like that the chicks can "grow" and interact with the kids. There's a whole booklet about the different eye colors, sounds and how to teach them how to "talk".

As the playdate came to a close, there was one more fun activity. The kids each received back packs filled with various supplies including Master Lock's dial combination lock, Watchitude slap on watches, Hatchimals Colleggtibles, and Mabel's Labels packs for their school supplies and clothing.

The girls and boys also received color pencils, magic sequin notebooks and pencil totes, and magic water pens from Fashion Angels and a few other fun items.

The fun ended with giveaways for Lysol, Hydroflask, Jakks Pacific and more. The parents were excited about the Lysol cleaning products. Cause someone needs to need help us clean up after the playdate. Ha!

We had such an awesome time at the #NMBxHatchimalsBTS playdate and can't wait for New Mommy Bliss to host the next one!

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