Failing Take Kids to Work Day - Wordless Wednesday

By 5/02/2018 11:46:00 AM ,

When 'National Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day' aka 'Take Kids to Work Day' happened, I was excited to bring my son to work with me.

I planned to WOW him with my adult real job skills and inspire good work habits. But of course my plans didn't go as I hoped.

First, a change in my plans for the day meant I had to go somewhere else before going to work. Since it was an adult only thing, my son went to school.

I thought about getting him after my morning plans but, it would have made even more late for work. Being late to work is not a good "worker" example to set with my son sooooooo

I just went to work. Alone.

But after work I decided to take my son to an event I had to stop in that evening. Since it was a food focused event, I figured we could take pictures together, talk about blogging and still have a "work" moment.

Nope. My son grabbed a seat, then a donut, turned on his iPad and left me to do the "work" at the event.

So much for take MY kid to work this year.

Have you taken your kid to work with you?


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  1. I work from home so everyday is take my kiddo to work day haha. The other day he spilled a yeti of water on my laptop

    1. Oh no! That's happened to me also. Hope your laptop is OK!

  2. Awww, sorry your day didn't go as planned. Hopefully he takes more interest later on. I don't have kids myself but know a lot of moms who participated this year, it is such a good way to show kids different careers.

  3. This is so cute and funny at the same time. I feel like this is how it goes sometimes.

  4. He'll 'get it' someday when he sees how hard you work. Right now he's happy just being a kid!

  5. Cute, maybe you will have better luck next year.

  6. I have 20-month-old twin girls. There is no taking them to work LOL It is physically impossible for me to do that LOL I'm sorry your day didn't go as planned :(

  7. I teach. We weren't allowed to bring our kids. My 19 year old wanted to go, lol, and so did my 10 year old. Neither got to go. ;)

  8. I worke at home also so I atke my kids everyday at work haha. Yesterday she sent message to my client. Ugh Thank God she said Good Morning.

  9. I work from home so sadly no fun take your kids to work day for me but I would love it. Keeping them home to watch me work on the computer wouldnt be too much fun , lol - jeanine

  10. oh!!! maybe next time! and those ipads and cell phones, they are totally missing out on life cause of it.

  11. We have not done anything like this but my son has gone to work with my husband before. He works construction so it was a blast. Not required.