Staying Summer Cool with Paul Frank Beach Towel & Products

So far our summer has been about relaxing and staying cool during the super hot days. We usually take a trip to the nearest sprinkler area to dance with the water sprouts and splash each other. Its been great!

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Note: I'm part of Saban’s Brand-Bassador program and will share monthly information and news about their products. Product samples provided for review purposes. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

During our latest trip to the sprinkler fun area, we took along our latest Saban Brands package which included Paul Frank products great for the summer.

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We received a Paul Frank "Skurvy" Skull Beach Towel, which is great to dry off with. It was nice and soft and has a colorful pattern. The skull and bones really makes the towel stand out. No mixing it up with the other kids towel.

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It's also nice and large so I can wrap it around my son after his water play to dry off. My son also used it as a super hero cape as he ran around.

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During a break from the water play my son enjoyed some juice and a sandwich with Paul Frank Reusable Snack Pack and Tumbler featuring Julius Jr. The tumblers had a rubber base so it didn't slip and slide all over the place. The snack pack was a nice size and easy fit into my son mini backpack. Both items were easy to transport to where we needed to go.

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Our day of water play was made easier because I had everything I needed with me thanks to these Paul Frank products!

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