Central Park Zoo Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 4D Experience

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Over the weekend we were invited to visit the Central Park Zoo to enjoy the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur 4-D Experience and an exclusive tour of the zoo’s Polar Zone! We had so much fun!

Central Park Zoo Ice Age 4D Experience

Can you believe we haven't been to the Central Park Zoo 4-D theater?! We've been to that zoo so many times and have really been missing out.

The new Central Park Zoo 4-D Theater combines the visual drama of a 3-D film with a variety of sensory effects that are built into the seats and theater environment, such as water mist, blustery wind, snow, bubbles, scents, seat vibrations, and more.

We received our 3D glasses and then settled into comfy seats to enjoy a mini version of Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The movie was edited in a way to still tell the story and be short enough for young kids. The interactive feature was a great plus. Our seats vibrated when the dinosaurs walked. We saw snow and felt water mist when something similar happened on screen. So fun!

Central Park Zoo Ice Age 4D Experience and Polar Zone Tour

After seeing the movie, we snuck in a photo with Sid, one of the movie characters, during the meet and greet. Since we had a Total Experience ticket, we joined the groups outside the theater to go on a Polar Zone Tour.

The guides took us to different animal habits and explained about the animals lifestyle in the wild and at the zoo. We were encouraged to ask questions and join in the discussion. Kids (and adults) will enjoy learning about how some of the animals from the Ice Age movie are related to modern animals in the zoo and wild.

Central Park Zoo Polar Zone Tour

We saw the lots of animals including birds, polar bear and a snow leopard! Each animal habitat had information section where you can learn more. My son really enjoyed seeing and learn about the snow leopard.

The tour was great and again not to long for families with young children. If your visiting the zoo soon then get the Total Experience Ticket so you can enjoyed both the 4-D theater and the polar zone tour.

Central Park Zoo

The rest of our time at the zoo was spent visiting and enjoying the other sections and animals including bugs, birds, seals and penguins!

Going to the zoo is always a great way to spend some time. There's lots to do at the Central Park Zoo.

To learn more, visit www.centralparkzoo.com

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