5 Tips to Declutter Our Digital Lives

By 5/17/2013 07:00:00 PM

Summer is almost here, which means planning for little league, vacation, play dates and camps. With so much to plan for, many of us use technology to help keep everything organized and clutter free. But are we also organizing and decluttering our technology and digital lives ?!

Microsoft's 5 Tips for Digital Declutter

To help you (and me!) keep our digital lives decluttered, Microsoft is sharing "5 tips for ways to keep our schedules and emails organized":

  1. Cleanup that schedule. When you write something down in a paper calendar, you don't have much choice about how it's done. You take your pencil — or your pen, if you're brave — and you write it down. Simple. In Outlook you have choices: between meetings and appointments, for example, or between once and repeatedly. You can mark scheduled time as busy, free, or tentative. And if you choose, when it's time to pick the kids up, Outlook will remind you.
  2. Manage inbox clutter with conversation view. With Outlook, you can condense several conversations into one view for easy-to-follow dialogue with friends and family. You can also arrange email by date or individual. This will allow you to create a system of organization that rescues email you want from the clutter and reduces the likelihood of missing important conversations.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. Many people get overwhelmed by too many incoming emails. So, rather than deal with them, they ignore them instead. Procrastination can hinder your inbox organization. Take time to respond, file or delete email as it arrives. The longer you wait, the more it piles up and the bigger the clutter problem becomes.
  4. Schedule and commit to uninterrupted organization time. With so many distractions, it’s important to establish a time each day to process mail and ensure a clean and organized inbox. Commit to a regular schedule that is free of distractions (such as Facebook and Twitter) so you can deal with messages that need your immediate attention and purge those that don’t.
  5. Make a clean sweep. Outlook’s “Sweep” feature allows you to manage email clutter. With one click you can get rid of all chosen mail in your inbox. You can also sweep future mails. For instance, incoming newsletters can be directed to an assigned folder, while email you know is junk can be sent directly to the deleted folder. The feature also lets you block emails from unwanted senders.

Hopefully by using these tips digital families like mine can enjoy a clutter free summer!

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