Singer Jewel Interview for Pampers 'Beautiful Mornings Moments'

By 12/04/2012 11:47:00 AM

Recently I posted that Pampers has partnered with Jewel, American singer-songwriter and new mom, to celebrate the "Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments" shared between parents and their babies.

Onica Cupido The Mommy Factor Interviews Singer Jewel for Pampers Beautiful Mornings Moments

Along with sharing about the Pampers and Singer Jewels partnership, I was invited to interview Jewels. Of course I said YES.

I was excited to get a chance to interview her since I was a beyond curious to learn (more like burning to know) more about Jewel's morning moments with her 1 year old son Kase and why she partnered with Pampers.

While I interviewed her via phone, I was lucky to have our interview video tape so you lucky readers can see her live and in she answered my questions

Quotes from Jewel:
  • ON MORNINGS: "I'm excited to partner with Pampers to celebrate beautiful mornings. The morning is my favorite time with my baby. I thought it was just me and Kase. I just thought, 'Wow, Kase is always in a great mood in the morning.' Then I talked to other moms and realized its every moms favorite time with their baby. It's something kind of magical - they are just in a good mood, they got a great nights sleep and its just fun to hang out with them."
  • ON HER MOST BEAUTIFUL MORNING: "One of my favorite morning moments with Kase is getting to read with him. Its amazing to me how one day to the next he'll learning something new."
  • ON SPECIAL MILESTONES WITH HER BABY: "There's the big ones. The first time he smiled. And the first time he was able to sing a note back to me back. It amazed me."
  • ON PARENTING: "My best advice for parents trying to balance life and busy schedules is to try and cut yourselves some slack. As parents we hold ourselves to high standards and I think we're always worried and we feel guilty like we're not doing enough. All you can do is the best you can. As long as you love your kids and give them that stability, then they're pretty accommodating." 
Forgive the lag between my questions and Jewels answers, I think there was a delay because of the time difference. Still, I'm thankful to Pampers and Jewel for having this opportunity to speak with her and share about Pampers "Beautiful Mornings Moments" with my readers and fellow moms. I'm also thankful for the peek at some of the fun photos captured of Jewel and Kase during some of their favorite beautiful mornings activities. So adorable!
Pampers Jewel and son Kase beautiful mornings

 As part of the campaign, through December 7, 2012, parents are being given the chance to win daily prize packs poised to enhance beautiful mornings together with their baby – complete with 'must-haves' like digital cameras, story books, diapers, wipes and more.

 One grand prize recipient will be selected to win a $5,000 gift card that can be applied to “designing” their family’s ideal beautiful morning moment. Parents can participate by visiting the Pampers Facebook Page and clicking on the Pampers “30 Days of Prizes” tab.

To learn more about Pampers, please visit

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