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A few months ago I posted about NBA Star Carmelo Anthony signing on to be the spokesperson for the Ultra Sheen Men Brand from Johnson Products Company. Recently when Carmelo was in New York City for a photo shoot, I was invited to meet him for an exclusive interview. Score!

Carmelo Anthony

Please Note: As part of the media, I was give exclusive access to the studio for the interview and photos opportunities. I received a gift bag with Ultra Sheen Men products. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Since Carmelo was such a mega star I wasn't sure what to expect. Would I have to fight my way through fans and his entourage? Would he be annoyed that I'm not interviewing him for some major sports website? Well I worried about all of that for nothing cause walking into the photo shoot for my press meet and greet went smooth. After exchanging smiles and a greeting, it was time for the interview.

Onica: What made you agree to be a spokes person for Ultra Sheen Men? What is it about Johnson Products Company that connected with you?

Carmelo: I really liked what Ultra Sheen Men stands for. I was excited and honored to be connected with a company I grew up with. I've know about the Johnson Products Company for years. Using the products goes way back. My Mother used, my grandmother used. There's a history there.

Onica: How do you balance being a working father? How do you and La La find time with the kids?

Carmelo: Well La La also travels so we're use to it. But we take the kids with us everywhere we can so we always try and have family time. When I can I take time to just spend with my family. I always try to be there for them.

Onica: I know your involved in giving back and helping the community through your Carmelo Anthony Foundation. What's the next community project?

Carmelo: We're right in the middle of working on a few things for this year. One thing is building a basketball court in Puerto Rico. We want to give the kids someplace where they can do and do something positive and be active. So many places kids dont have a place where they can go and keep out of trouble and be safe. I'm really excited about my projects.

I would have loved to ask Carmelo a few more questions but it was time for him to continue with his media tour. I confess I can see why he's the spokesperson for the Ultra Sheen Men Brand. He's smooth, professional and definitely has style and swagger.

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  1. What an awesome interview and I love seeing the stars doing big things! Way to go lady! :)

  2. I love that he gives back to the community and helps the kids. I was honored to interview him. He's really doing big things.