Disney's Preschool Toys Collection Encourages Play

By 6/26/2024 09:31:00 AM

Disney's newest Preschool Toy Collection is inspired by kids’ favorite Disney Jr. shows including "SuperKitties,” "Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends," and the "Disney Jr.'s Ariel," as well as beloved characters including Moana, Stitch, Elsa, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, and more.

Disney Preschool Toy Collection Encourages Play

Disney Preschool Toy Collection

Just Play’s Disney Jr. Splash & Glow Ariel Doll (MSRP: $39.99)
*Available at Amazon

Inspired by the upcoming musical series, “Disney Jr.’s Ariel,” – the doll is great for play both in and out of the water and includes fun sounds, rainbow lights, and water effects.

Disney Junior SuperKitties Cat-Tastic Transforming Bitsy (MSRP: $14.99)
*Available for presale at Amazon

Characters transform from cute kittens to SuperKitties, with their suits, masks, gloves, and boots.

Hasbro’s Dance ‘N Crawl Spidey plush (MSRP: $49.99)
*Available at Amazon and Walmart

Dance, crawl, and imagine webtastic adventures with Spidey, featuring 20 familiar phrases and sounds, plus two songs, including the brand-new “Do the Spidey.”

SuperKitties Purr 'N' Play Playset (MSRP: $39.99)
*Available at Amazon

The Purr ‘N’ Play Playset from Just Play puts kids in the center of the action with lights, phrases, music, and sound effects

Research on Play in Early Childhood

Tied to the launch of Disney's preschool toy collection this summer, I'm also sharing details on a newly released research study from University of Southern California on Reviving Play in Early Childhood and the Benefits of Specific Types of Play for Preschool-Aged Children.

A few points from the research include

  • Play Boosts Thinking - Whether children play by building structures, setting up train tracks, or making puzzles, they learn to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, solving problems along the way.
  • Building sets also help children to plan ahead and delay gratification as they work step-by-step to construct a larger structure
  • Singing is a “celebration of language,” and singing toys foster linguistic development
  • Holding and cuddling plush toys can help young children cope with having outgrown the infancy stage and being held and carried less often by their caregivers
  • Playing with vehicles of different materials (plastic, metal, etc.) and sizes on different terrains (carpet, wood, sand, etc.) fosters the understanding of science concepts including speed, acceleration, weight, and turns.

Findings show that by some estimates, children’s playtime has dropped by 50% since the 1970s, and highlights how play fosters development and growth, boosts thinking, and improves language, and storytelling skills – all in a safe space.

Learn more, visit - www.disneystore.com/preschool-shop/

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