Upbounders Diverse Kids Puzzles, Toys & Games

By 5/01/2024 11:48:00 AM

Upbounders®- premium screen-free toys, was founded by Kemi Tignor, a mom who recognized the need for toys that go beyond entertainment and reflect the diversity of our children's experiences.

Upbounders Diverse Kids Puzzles, Toys and Games

Kemi’s journey as a mother led her to create a line of premium toys and games that are engaging, fun and thoughtfully crafted to spark conversations and promote inclusivity!

  • Low Tide at Ocean Beach 24 Piece Beginner Puzzle (Multicultural) / $17.99/ age range: 3 and up
  • A Day at the Splash Park Board Book / $13.99 / age range: 2 and up
  • Look and See Around Washington, DC Take-along Travel Memory Game / $17.99/ age range: 3-5
  • Popular Sports Go Fish! Playing Cards / $9.99/ age range: 3 and up

Upbounders® is sold on Amazon and in retailers like Barnes & Noble, Target, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom

About Upbounders®

The world belongs to kids. They need to feel they belong in the world.

This is why at Upbounders everything we do promotes belonging. With high-quality products, we support all families in making sure all our future minds are seen and loved.

Our products, for kids ages 6 and under, celebrate cultural and ethnic differences accurately in ways that are relatable, inspiring and transformative.

From award-winning puzzles, to board games to flash cards, we are a small MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) with a big ambition: to enable how children get to understand the world and each other.

Learn more, visit - www.upbounders.com

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