ONYX Professional Foot Care Collection

By 5/29/2024 12:24:00 PM

In time for sandal season, ONYX Professional re-launched their foot care collection with tools and treatments for common foot care issues to provide radiant, healthy skin below your ankles.

ONYX Professional Foot Care Collection

The ONYX Professional Collection including two new products – Callus Hero: Callus Removing Mist and Foot Rescue: Anti-Swelling Epsom Salt Foot Mask.

Committed to re-defining the self-care category, and head to toe happiness, the high-quality, professional-grade products at affordable prices are made from premium materials and nourishing ingredients.

ONYX’s new-and-improved pedi-products

Hug Me Smooth: XL Curved Foot File ($7.99 MSRP)

Uniquely shaped to fit the curve of the foot and large enough for all foot sizes, this wonder tool also features a double-sided grit, so you can get to all angles to remove rough, dry skin.

Thoughtful paddle design is comfortable to use and includes a hanging loop to keep file handy in the shower or on a bathroom hook

Callus Hero: Callus Removing Mist ($9.99 MSRP) NEW

Calluses can be painful as well as embarrassing. This convenient, fast-acting spray application gets to work in seconds to gently peel away calluses and dead skin. Formulated with Salicylic Acid. Easy-to-use and mess free.

Bye Ingrown Toenail Kit ($9.99 MSRP)

Salon-quality, stainless steel, compact nail kit includes unique toenail clippers and a multiple use double-ended pusher.

With key features like a sharp, curved cutting blade and a pointed tip for precise use, the ingrown toenail clipper can be used to cut thick or ingrown toenails in a clean, hassle-free way.

It cleans debris out from under the nails, pushes difficult cuticles back, and aids in ingrown toenail removal.

Cracked Heel Stick: Moisturizing Heel Stick ($8.99 MSRP)

Enriched with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil – is a unique, targeted cracked heel repair that provides results in seconds. Convenient stick applicator for an easy mess-free use anywhere.

This product has received the American Diabetes Association’s “Better choices for life” endorsement. The Better Choices for Life program brings the scientific, evidence-based research guidelines from the American Diabetes Association® to help guide consumers to make better choices every day.

Extra Smooth: Foot Rasp ($9.99 MSRP)

Eliminates dry skin and calluses to reveal soft, smooth feet. A built-in debris catcher and a comfort-grip makes it easy and mess-free for at home pedicures. Lightweight stainless steel.design with comfort silicone grip. Works on wet or dry feet.

ONYX’s Foot Masks

Professional-grade foot masks for spa-like results. These new “one size fits most” are first to market and a convenient no mess targeted bootie mask design.

Foot Rescue: Anti-Swelling Epsom Salt Foot Mask ($5.99 MSRP) NEW

Topical anti-swelling non-steroidal treatments are on the rise. A truly unique way to offer Epsom Salt without the need to purchase or use a footbath, this quick and easy-to-use foot mask is enriched with nourishing Epsom Salt, Green Tea and Chamomile Extracts to help fight swelling and soreness, and relax tired feet.

Bye-ee Calluses: Peeling Callus Removing Booties ($6.99 MSRP)

Fast-acting formula includes Charcoal, Chamomile and Rosemary to quickly break down thick calluses for smooth skin in 7 to 10 days. Wear for 10-30 minutes.

Lactic Acid (AHA)-known to help exfoliate and slough off dead skin. Salicylic Acid (BHA)-known to treat corns and calluses. Allantoin-known to have anti-irritant protecting benefits, as well as hydrating, soothing and exfoliating.

Heal Your Heels: Dry Feet Repair Mask ($5.99 MSRP)

These masks go the extra mile to restore dry, damaged feet. The natural, nurturing formulation of Green Tea Extract & Vitamin E packs a powerful punch to penetrate deeply and heal cracked feet.

It also offers anti-inflammatory benefits that hydrate to reveal softer, more youthful, radiant looking skin in seconds. Wear for 10 minutes.

Fresh Feet: Foot Pads ($5.99 MSRP)

Comfort hardworking feet with these rejuvenating footpads carefully crafted with Vitamin C and Green Tea Extract, these foot patches are formulated with ingredients known to nourish, soften and smooth

Easy-to-Use…simply place the disposable self-adhesive patches on the soles of feet at bedtime. These premium self-care foot patches are designed to be worn overnight for optimal relaxation for feet.

ONYX Professional® Foot Care products are available at Walmart, Meijer and Amazon.

Learn more, visit - www.onyxbrands.com

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