Apps to Help Students Self-care & Learn

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As the school year comes to a close, these Apple apps can help student's feel their best during the last months of the academic year by practicing self care.

The App Store has a collection of a variety of apps that can help students maintain their well-being, including

  • Routinery - Time management to make your life more relaxed.
  • How We Feel - Gives users a better understanding of their emotions, as they journal, check in daily, and learn new ways to live in the moment.
  • Open: Breathwork + Meditation - Blends breath work, meditation, movement, and sound, creating an immersive sensory experience that improves mindfulness through live or on-demand classes.
  • Fabulous - Prioritize mental health, build healthy habits and improve life one step at a time.
  • Silk + Sonder Guided Self-Care - Integrates positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy so users can reflect, connect, and support one another in their self-care journeys.
  • Dreamfora: AI Goal Setting - Set goals and turn dreams into actionable steps with AI, as the system instantly creates personalized pathways to your objectives.

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There's also app recommendations to help students take on exam season.

  • Photomath is an Editor’s Choice app that scans any math problem, from elementary arithmetic to advanced calculus, and offers step-by-step explanations, expert-developed methods, and self-paced learning.
  • Grammarly gives users real-time writing feedback and provides AI assistance that works directly on iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Essayist allows users to write APA, MLA, Chicago & Harvard Style essays and greatly simplifies the academic writing process.

Gearing up to graduate? Congratulations! Check out this collection of apps that can help take stunning photos of the momentous occasion.

  • Lightroom - Instantly transforms any photo or video in just a few taps to share with the world, with curated presets, filters, and a pro-grade camera in the app.
  • Halide Mark II (an Apple Design Award winner) - A powerful camera for iPhone that is inspired by the controls of a professional camera, which also comes with tutorials to help improve photography skills.

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