honeygrow Chicken Parm Stir-Fry: A Healthier Twist

By 1/18/2024 12:01:00 PM

honeygrow’s Chicken Parm Stir-fry is a unique and delicious take on the popular classic Italian American comfort meal. At just 684 calories per serving, it's a perfect choice for those looking to stick to New Year's resolutions for healthier eating options.

honeygrow Chicken Parm Stir-Fry

Available for just $12.53, the Chicken Parm Stir-Fry is a Winter 2024 Limited Time Offering (LTO) and will be featured on honeygrow’s menus through March 19.

This flavorful creation features freshly prepared egg white noodles, roasted chicken, sweet grape tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, zesty red onions, seasoned breadcrumbs, fragrant parsley, and a generous helping of shaved parmesan, all bathed in a savory house-made tomato basil sauce.

As with all honeygrow offerings, the Chicken Parm Stir-Fry can be fully customized to suit individual tastes and dietary preferences. Choose a protein, whether it's chicken, steak, local tofu, or shrimp, then select a base from freshly made egg white noodles, protein and fiber-rich whole wheat noodles, to gluten-free options such as curly kale, rice noodles, or brown rice.

Lastly, top with a variety of vegetables and garnishes, ranging from carrots and broccoli to roasted garlic and chili crisps, to craft a personalized culinary masterpiece.

honeygrow is a Philadelphia-based fast-casual eatery renowned for its nutritious customizable stir-frys, salads, and honeybars, - the Chicken Parm Stir-Fry, will be available at all 40 locations across its seven markets in DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, and VA.

Learn more, visit - www.honeygrow.com

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