Priorities Cooperative Party Game

By 10/17/2023 09:03:00 AM

Priorities by Clarendon Games is the cooperative party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices. What do you love more: kittens, your new boy/girlfriend, or a long hug?

Priorities cooperative party game Clarendon Games

In Priorities, rank five random, everyday items from love to loathe. Can your friends and family work together to predict your ranking? It’s the players versus the game.

Priorities (Ages 10+, SRP: $19.99) highlights

  • An easy-to-learn card game that is perfect for family and adult game night
  • Quick-to-play game with no fiddly bits, for 2 or more players, ages 14 and up!
  • With a deck of 200 item cards, you’ll never run out of fun combinations to rank, making Priorities a game you can play again and again.

Any correctly predicted item cards will be won by the players, but get the ranking wrong and the game will steal them. It’s a race to see which team, the players or the game, can spell out Priorities with the letters on the back of the cards first!

You’ll be questioning how well your family and friends really know you, as they work together to try to accurately predict your priorities.

Be careful though! If you are the one choosing your priorities, you can’t hint at your chosen order–it will be up to the others to work that out. All will be revealed as your preferences become the center of a hot debate! So, what are your priorities?

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