App Creator Spotlights: Black Business Month

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Since August is Black Business Month, I'm sharing a few standout Black entrepreneurs and developers, the Apple Apps team highlighted this month.

Apple App Creator Spotlights: Black Business Month

Fitnesse: On Demand (Free/In-App Purchases)

Offering approachable, at-home circuit training, Fitnesse was founded by Michael Garrick and Marcus Harrison, longtime friends and college athletes, who found their fitness regimen adrift after starting careers in tech.

Once the app launched, it didn’t take long for the duo to branch out into holistic health and wellness platform.

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kweliTV: Our Culture. Curated (Free/In-App Purchases)

kweliTV is dedicated to Black-centric indie films, series, documentaries, and kids’ shows and has resonated with a broad audience.

DeShuna Spencer created kweliTV in 2012 after looking for a show or movie that centered on Black characters. What little she found didn’t represent her experiences at all. So she decided to create her own streaming service—one that met her ideals.

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Spiritual Me: Awakened Mind (Free/In-App Purchases)

Spiritual Me is a personal guide to meditation that aims to help users harness the power of mindfulness for enlightened living. The app walks users though the experience of completing interactive meditation routines.

Founder A. Divine Ramirez founded the app with the desire to share the benefits of meditation that he discovered during stressful periods of his life. He recently attended Entrepreneur Camp for Black founders during which he improved on design elements of the app.

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Boddle Learning (Free/In-App Purchases)

Boddle Learning is an interactive 3D game that makes learning and practicing math exciting and engaging. Used by thousands of schools, teachers, parents and students, Boddle is proven to provide young learners with healthy screen time while providing adults with the insight and assurance of learning progress.

Founder Edna Martinson, who has always had a passion for edtech, founded the company with her husband Clarence, and her team recently attended Entrepreneur Camp for Black founders.

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Wisdom - Live Better (Free/In-App Purchases)

Wisdom is a social networking app that elicits insightful conversations and reflections through various voice chat rooms. The app helps connect interesting people to users and surfaces dozens of topics, from business, fitness, and dating to startups, religion, and beauty.

Founder Dayo Akinrinade attended Apple’s 2022 Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders.

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