Creatacard App Customized Greeting Cards

By 6/22/2023 01:34:00 PM

The American Greetings Creatacard™ app for iPad offers kids a fun, easy and creative way to make and send cards.

Creatacard Kids App Customized Greeting Cards

Making greeting cards offers a variety of teaching moments for kids. In addition to practicing writing and drawing skills, it teaches kindness and empathy by thinking of others.

Plus, a recent poll conducted by American Greetings found that 92% of people enjoy receiving homemade cards from kids.

How does Creatacard App for iPad work?

  • Whether a child wants to make a card from scratch; color a card; or customize a pre-made design, the Creatacard™ app allows them to explore their imaginations.
  • Choose from a wide range of virtual tools, such as pencils, paint, markers, photo frames, stamps and stickers to unleash their creativity.
  • The mess-free activity eliminates the frustrations of broken crayons, dried up markers or mistakes that mean starting over.

Best of all, the app is free to download, and cards can be sent via email, text, messaging apps or shared on social media.

Now, creating and sending a greeting card to loved ones can easily be done by kids of all ages.

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