NYC EATSS Indigenous Food Event Supports American Indian College Fund

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On May 2, the American Indian College Fund will introduce New Yorkers to Indigenous cuisine at its NYC EATSS (Epicurean Award to Support Scholars) event from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at The Lighthouse at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers.

NYC EATSS Indigenous Food Event Supports American Indian College Fund

Indigenous foods have added delicious and nutritious dimensions to cuisine for nearly six centuries. Can you imagine a world without chocolate, blueberries, or guacamole?! Which are native to the western hemisphere!

During NYC EATSS, these Indigenous celebrity chefs will serve up their favorite creations to guests:

  • Chef Ben Jacobs (Osage Nation) is a nationally renowned chef and co-founder of Tocabe, An American Indian Eatery, the largest Native American restaurant chain.
  • Chef Andrea Murdoch (Andean Native; Caracas, Venezuela) is the owner of Four Directions Cuisine, using food to trace her own culture while educating the public about the expansive world of Indigenous food systems.
  • Chef Bradley Dry (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) has been a chef for 12 years, cooking traditional Cherokee dishes. He specializes in traveling to prepare food for special events and people, including Powwows, Folklorama, and the cast and crew of Reservation Dogs.
  • Chef Sherry Pocknett (Mashpee Wampanoag Nation) specializes in the Bounty of the Season, Native American Indigenous food, and New England cooking.
  • Chef Loretta Barrett Oden (Citizen Potawatomi Nation) is an authority on Indigenous foods if North America. She opened the Corn Dance CafĂ© in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her son, Clay Oden, in the 1990s, firmly weaving Native American cuisine into the fabric of American dining and is also a founding board member of the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.
Attendees will learn about how food sovereignty can help ensure the survival of nutritious food sources during climate change. The Redhawk Dancers will also perform at the event.

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The American Indian College Fund has been the nation’s largest charity supporting Native higher education for 33 years. The College Fund supports a variety of academic and support programs at the nation’s 35 accredited tribal colleges and universities, which are located on or near Indian reservations, ensuring students have the tools to graduate and succeed in their careers.

The College Fund believes “Education is the answer" and since its founding in 1989, the College Fund has provided more than $284 million in scholarships, programs, community, and tribal college support.

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