Vaivén Circo Esencial Performances at BAM

By 3/24/2023 03:37:00 PM

Acclaimed Spanish cirque company Vaivén Circo invites young minds to join them on an adventure of imagination with Esencial at BAM Fisher on Mar 25 and 26.

Vaiven Circo Esencial Performances at BAM

Five performers leap, dive, dance, and juggle through a puzzle-like world of pillars and arches that constantly unfolds into new possibilities. With energy and humor, they use world-class acrobatics to create a mesmerizing story of collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Vaivén Circo (Spain)

BAM Fisher (Fishman Space, 321 Ashland Pl)
Sat Mar 25 & 26 at 10:30a & 2pm
(Relaxed performance, Mar 26 at 2pm)
Ages 6+
Tickets: $18

It's a staging Waldorf’s Rainbow," a toy for children with arches and pillars, with a scenography of changing architecture and poetic tints. The audience is the witness to a changing and inventive architecture, in the same way as a human being who always wants to evolve.

Directed by Vaivén Circo and Javi Parra.

In collaboration with Jokin Oregui. Featuring Manolo Carambolas, Raquel Pretel / Celia Sako, Chema Martín, Irene de Paz, and Miguel Moreno "Bolo.” Musical composition by Iván Monje.

To better support the needs and enjoyment of neurodiverse audience members, the Mar 26 (2pm) performance of Esencial will be a relaxed performance.

Modifications will include enhancing multi-sensory elements of the show, eliminating blackouts and sudden theatrical cues, maintaining moderate house lighting through the performance, lowering the overall volume of sound elements, allowing for audience vocalization and movement, and allowing for patron exits and entrances whenever needed.

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