iOS Apps for Earth Day & Beyond

By 3/29/2023 03:34:00 PM ,

For Earth Day I'm sharing these Apple apps that encourage users to address climate change, decrease their carbon footprint, and get outside!

Earth Hero provides users with personalized actions to address climate change in various areas of life.

Commons helps users build carbon intuition and lower personal carbon emissions.

NatureDose is a nature prescription app that prompts people to leverage the benefits of nature exposure.

No Meat Today allows users to track their meatless meals in a fun and simple way.

Birda lets birdwatchers log, learn about, and ID the birds they see, while connecting to a larger birdwatching community.

Planta offers individual indoor plant care schedules and watering reminders.

Seekby iNaturalist focuses on identifying wildlife and outdoor plants.

For additional apps to celebrate Earth Day, check out this collection, which features apps like AllTrails and Outbound that are sure to help hone your adventuring skills.

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