Home Dining with Malacasa & Vancasso Tableware

By 2/24/2023 02:02:00 PM

Malacasa & Vancasso are devoted to the renovation of tabletop adornment and have some of the hottest designs for Dinner Sets - Sushi Sets - Tea Sets - Breakfast Sets & More.

Malacasa & Vancasso Tableware for Entertaining

MALACASA Collections has simple, chic and elegant designs for every occasion.

  • Dine In Style - Beautiful and stylish, helps better reflect your food.
  • Hold Food Perfectly - The sloped sides keeps food from spilling over the sides
  • Easy to Stack - Non-slip and stackable bottom design for easy storage, save more kitchen space and keep it tidy.

Malacasa mission is to provide all families with a healthy and convenient lifestyle. Always devoted to integrating modern ideas with traditional aesthetics for elegant porcelain with superb craftsmanship. Meanwhile, upholding a firm belief to cherish natural resources and embrace organic green life is its eternal pursuit.

VANCASSO Collection has bright, floral and colorful designs for more spirited occasions

  • Easy to Clean - These stoneware dinnerware set are oil stain resistant when you start kitchen cleaning, the dessert bowls are super easy to be hand washed or heated dry in the dishwasher; You can just throw the dessert bowls in the dishwasher, it will become perfectly clean.
  • Versatile & Healthy - Dinnerware set are made of high quality reactive glaze and stoneware, which is harder and resistant to cracking. Lead-free, cadmium-free. Won't absorb odor or bacteria with the food, ensure your healthy diet.
  • Stack Nicely & Space Saving - Unique and novel design adds a different feel to your dining table. You can place them elegantly for your table decoration. And they are stackable that can be safely placed in the cupboard to save more space in your kitchen.

Both are scratch resistant and sturdy for long-lasting use. You can safely use them in Microwave, Ovens, Freezer, and Dishwashers.

Learn more, visit - www.malacasa.com

Learn more, visit - www.vancassotableware.com

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