3 Reasons to See Hip Hop Cinderella at the New Victory Theater

By 2/16/2023 04:44:00 PM

Hip Hop Cinderella reimagined the classic tale to incorporate hip-hop dance, rap and pop music, arrives at New Victory Theater in time for the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

3 Reasons to See Hip Hop Cinderella at the New Victory Theater

Note: I received media tickets to the show for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Hip Hop Cinderella is a great modern mix of music and storytelling that builds a bridge for parents who grew up with Hip Hop to share with their children in a fun and relatable way.

Children will learn a little bit of hip history, hear some hip hop classic tunes and even see some hip hop fashion. All happening while Cinderella saves the universe and gets her prince.

Overall here are three features families will enjoy

Updated Storytelling

While Hip Hop Cinderella shares lots of the same themes of the classic Cinderella fairytale, the new twists and fun changes takes the well known story to a new level.

Add in the futuristic background sets and families will enjoy this familiar but modern adventure.

The Robot and Technology Spin

Hip Hop Cinderella "Robot" helper is so fun. While he takes the place of the fairy godmother and the animal helpers in other Cinderella fairytales, he's so much more in this retelling. He's Cinderella friend, conscience and biggest motivator.

But the Robot isn't the only cool techie addition, there's also smartphone usage, live streaming and different modern technology.

The Music - Honoring Hip Hop

Hip Hop Cinderella uses some original classic "Hip Hop" music and elemets woven into it's storytelling, in a way that families will want to tap their feet and clap along with. The perfomaces are amazing during their singing and rapping moments.

Christopher Scott, Director, shared choreographer Maria Torres looked for inspiration in female hip hop artists from the 1990’s when hip hop was taking the world by storm.

That world was dominated by men, and these women found their courage, got up on stage and made their voices heard. They blazed a trail singing and rapping about stories, that up until then, had been unheard.

It’s in the spirit of these women that we find inspiration for our production of Hip Hop Cinderella.

Hip Hop Cinderella at the New Victory Theater

Hip Hop Cinderella

Hip Hop Cinderella will perform at the New Victory Theater February 10 through February 26.

The galaxy has lost its groove, and so has Cinderella! Growing up on Planet Centra, she felt as limitless as the stars, but now her jealous stepmother and two selfish stepsisters have her questioning her potential.

With dazzling lyrics, pitch-perfect characters and a sassy robot sidekick, Hip Hop Cinderella teleports the timeless classic across the cosmos and reminds us to reach for the farthest moon.

The show features music and lyrics by Rona Siddiqui (A Strange Loop), book by Scott Elmegreen, story adaptation by David Coffman and Linda Chichester, direction by Christopher Scott, choreography by Maria Torres, music direction by Saul Nache, set design by Riw Rakkulchon, costumes by Saawan Tiwari, lighting by Jason Kantrowitz and projections by Brad Peterson.

Hip Hop Cinderella runs 50 minutes with no intermission and is recommended for ages 7+.

Tickets start at $20 and are available online and by phone (646.223.3010).

Learn more, visit - www.NewVictory.org

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