New Victory Theater Holiday Shows

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The New Victory Theater announced their 2022-23 season, featuring exciting shows including Circus Abyssinia: Tulu, a showcase of the incredible athleticism andartistry of Ethiopian circus, which will run during the holiday season.

New Victory Theater Holiday Shows Circus Abyssinia Tulu

The New Victory Theater welcomes audiences to experience performances in person, as well as pre- and post-show activities in the lower lobby, and continues to offer select on-demand options for at-home streaming.

Full price tickets range from $20 to $69 based on seating location and show. Theatergoers who buy tickets to three or more New Victory shows automatically save 40% on tickets all year long and qualify for free Membership benefits, including free unlimited exchanges up to 48 hours in advance of performance, early access to New Victory programming and savings on New Victory Family Workshops.

Holiday Performances

Circus Abyssinia

(Ethiopian Dreams, New Victory Theater 2018) returns for the holidays from December 9 through January 1, running circles around the competition in a high-spirited spectacle of speed, sport and skill!

Tulu honors Ethiopian runner Derartu Tulu's trailblazing 1992 gold medal win with a nonstop marathon of aerial acts and all the excitement of the Olympic Games. Juggling flags and flames to the sounds of ’70s funk and modern-day Ethio-pop, this tribute to teamwork showcases the incredible athleticism and artistry of Ethiopian circus and the pride that Tulu’s triumph inspired.

Founders and performers Bibi and Bichu have dazzled audiences worldwide in shows that span the spectrum of the circus arts, from children’s television to Olivier Award-winning opera. Tulu is recommended for ages 5+

Hip Hop Cinderella

Running February 10 - 26, produced by Amas Musical Theatre in association with Hip Hop The show features music and lyrics by Rona Siddiqui (A Strange Loop) and a book by Scott Elmegreen.

The galaxy has lost its groove, and so has Cinderella! Growing up on Planet Centra, she felt as limitless as the stars, but now her jealous stepmother and two selfish stepsisters have her questioning her potential.

With dazzling lyrics, pitch perfect characters and a sassy robot sidekick, Hip Hop Cinderella teleports the timeless classic across the cosmos and reminds us to reach for the farthest moon.

First launched as a piece of digital theater in 2020, Hip Hop Cinderella is blasting into the third dimension on the New Victory stage for its New York premiere! Hip Hop Cinderella is recommended for ages 7+.


Running March 11 - 19 from Théâtre Motus and the SÔ Company, invites you to hear the djembe drums dance and the ngoni’s strings sing as the griots tell you a tale.

A tale set long ago when the stars were still babies, and the trees and animals talked. A tale passed down from generation to generation about a water-stealing sun and a baobab tree bearing an unexpected and unusual gift.

Featuring music from Mali and Senegal, puppets large and small, one naughty monkey and a witch with an itch to dance, Baobab is a percussion-filled fable about a boy’s heroic quest to save his village from drought.

Théâtre Motus co-artistic directors Hélène Ducharme and Mathilde Addy-Laird explore the relationship between puppets, acting, live music, black and color shadow theater, and other complementary theater forms. Baobob is recommended for ages 4-7.


Running March 24 - April 16, throws all caution to the wind with the adrenaline-driven daredevils of Cirque Mechanics (42FT, New Victory Theater 2019) returning with an all-new mechanical masterpiece: a 20-foot-tall windmill powered by sheer strength!

Set on a rotating turntable, there's practically nothing in Zephyr that won't spin—including your head—as acrobats brazenly balance atop the windmill's blades and fearlessly face the Wheel of Destiny. A turbine tug of war between man, nature and machine, Zephyr is a whirlwind of circus that’ll blow you away.

The show is presented by Cirque Mechanics, which has visited the New Victory four times before—Birdhouse Factory in 2008, Boom Town in 2011, Pedal Punk in 2015 and 42FT in 2019. Zephyr includes several new acts for them, including foot juggling and group bicycle! Zephyr is recommended for ages 5+.


Running April 22 - May 7, brings you on an adventure where dreams take flight. Fall fast asleep and wake up in the world of Wink, where mountains morph into oceans, twinkling stars turn into fish and ships sail into the night sky.

With playful shadow puppetry, magical movement, whimsy and wonder, Spellbound Theatre (The World Inside Me, New Victory Theater 2019) brings you the sweet dreams of a small girl and her teddy as they adventure across land, sea and air. After all, anything is possible under moonlight’s spell!

Through shadow puppetry, projections and brilliant physicality, Wink communicates a world of adventure without saying a word. Wink is recommended for ages 4-7.

Shakespeare’s Stars

Running May 11 - 21, is also created by Spellbound Theatre. Shakespeare’s Stars invites tiny hands and feet to discover infinite possibilities in an intimate multisensory experience.

Bringing The Bard’s best lines about the cosmos to life with starlit props, musical instruments and mesmerizing movement, this gentle show reminds us that “we are such stuff as dreams are made on.” Spellbound Theatre developed Shakespeare's Stars as part of New Victory LabWorks in 2019 and 2020.

Other Spellbound works developed in LabWorks include The World Inside Me in 2016-17 and Ears, Nose, and Tail in 2014-15. Shakespeare’s Stars is recommended for ages 0-3

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