Pros & Cons for TextNow Free Cellular Service

By 11/22/2022 03:41:00 PM

These days most tweens and teens have a smartphone to keep connected with family and friends. But for some families adding more devices on some service plans can become complicated and pricey.

Note: I received a product service for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

For families looking for a more flexible and affordable option, there's TextNow, a free cellular and WiFi-enabled phone service that doesn’t rely on a plan or contract, which means you could save the approx $120.00 a phone plan costs.

To use the TextNow you'll need to purchase a TextNow activation kit ($0.99), which comes with a SIM card that gives unlocked Android or iPhone devices access to their unlimited nationwide talk and text service for $0/month.

To try out the service, I received an activation kit to use with my own Android phones. Then I simply changed the SIM card, downloaded the app, followed the prompts and started the free service.

Here a few things you need to be aware of

  • You need to already have your own phone unlocked. TextNow does not provide phones
  • You can use your own phone number or pick a new TextNow number for free.
  • The free service is ad supported. But there is low cost plans ($9.99/month) you can pay for to remove ads.
  • There is no data with the free service. But there is various low cost data plans you can pay for ranging from $8.99 - $28/month

Since I only used the service for texting and phone calls, I think overall the service does what it says.

I was able to get a new phone number for my teen son, we texted and called back and forth without needing WiFi service and there's no big phonebill at the end of the month.

For families looking for low cost service for the tween and tween texting and phone needs, it's a great option.

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