Apps Created by Hispanic and Latin Creators

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As part of Hispanic / Latin Heritage Month, Apple shared a highlight of apps created by Hispanic and Latin entrepreneurs who are leveraging technology to empower their communities.

Apple Apps Created by Hispanic and Latin Creators

Here are a few of my picks from the list:

Apps for Kids

Encantos (Free/In-App Purchases)

Encantos takes a new approach to kids education by focusing on skills like communication, literacy and critical thinking and creating immersive experiences through engaging content. Children will only access video content and learning games that are age-appropriate, from new discoveries to old favorites!

Canticos Bilingual Preschool (Free/In-App Purchases)

With Canticos, kids play and learn with videos, books, games, and more in both English and Spanish. Canticos is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning brand, using the brain power of nursery rhymes and songs to expose kids to bilingual learning from a young age.

Caribu (Free/In-App Purchases)

Caribu makes family video calls interactive, educational, and entertaining with a library of thousands of books, activities, games, and coloring books that will keep children engaged.

On Caribu video calls, kids can draw, read bedtime stories, solve puzzles, play memory and learning games, make recipes, use digital sticker packs to create new stories, and even view famous artwork together in a real-time video call, no matter how far apart you are.

Apps for Adults

Wakeout! (Free/In-App Purchases)

Experiencing back pain, text neck, and long hours slouching over your keyboard? Wakeout helps you combat hours of sitting and bad posture with smart AND fun exercise break reminders. Refuel your energy and creativity with short breaks you can do anytime throughout your workday.

Chamba (Free)

An important employment resource app that helps the Hispanic community navigate a fluctuating job market, and Yana is a wellness and mental health app that offers tools for Spanish-speaking people.

BetterUp (Free)

Everything you need for personal and professional growth, all in one place. With a BetterUp coaching experience focus on your career, improve personal relationships, build resilience, develop communication skills, care for your mind, and more. You’ll be paired with a personal Coach to help set you on the right course.

For additional apps created by Hispanic and Latin developers, check out the collection, which includes Mi Padrino QuinceaƱera Planner, an all-in-one quinceanera and wedding planning app, and Pantaya, which offers access to exclusive programming and films released in Latin America.

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