Don't Scratch That natural first aid for bug bites

By 8/15/2022 05:47:00 PM

Just in time for mosquito season, All Better Co. debuted "Don't Scratch That", a line of clean pens and patches designed for itchy and irritating bug bites, that are easy to apply and safe for daily use.

Don't Scratch That natural first aid pens and patches for bug bites

The Don't Scratch That Pen fits easily in your pocket or bag for mess free, convenient application on the go. With just a few clicks, the pen delivers a soothing formula of naturally derived ingredients like CBD, oat kernel, jojoba, and coconut oil to help reduce inflammation, ease itching, promote healing, and rehydrate the skin.

For bites or spots that require a little extra TLC, Don't Scratch That Patches are just the thing. They create an occlusive protective seal, keeping the area clean and covered for a targeted tea tree oil treatment. These simple, subtle, and self-adhesive hydrocolloid patches create an optimal environment for healing and are painless to apply and remove.

Don't Scratch That Patches are $17 for 12 individually wrapped patches, or $30 for 25 patches. The Pen is $15 for 4 ml.

For those that want to be totally covered when it comes to soothing the itch, you can purchase the Don't Scratch That Kit, featuring 12 patches and one pen for $30.

All Better Co. is a female-founded first aid brand offering plant-powered topical solutions formulated with the whole family in mind.

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