Cast Interview for Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank: Cathy Shim and Kylie Kuioka

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After screening "Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank", I looked forward to cast interviews with Cathy Shim (voice of Little Mama) and Kylie Kuioka (voice of Emiko) to ask them about their characters and the film's message for families to take away.

Cathy Shim and Kylie Kuioka Interview Paws of Fury The Legend Hank

Note: I was invited as media for #PawsofFury movie screening and film cast interview. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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How Are You Like Your Character

Kylie Kuioka: I'd say "Emiko" and I are both fearless and will not back down from a challenge. I think we both have a true spirit of a Samurai!

Cathy Shim: What I have in common, is that I'm afraid of change. Even as I get older, more so now. And just like "Little Mama" my children kinda led the way. They have these ideas and thoughts that are so original, inventive and enlightening.

It's really neat to see the world through their eyes. How embracive their are to diversity and all sorts of inclusion so early on. So for those reasons I see a lot of myself in "Little Mama"

Choosing "Little Mama" Voice Style

Cathy Shim: In creating Little Mama, everyone on board the creative side were very open to ideas. We tried it different ways. At the end of the day, I decided that authenticity was the most important aspect. For me it was really important to show a very authentic side of that Asian aspect.

Especially in Little Mama being the eldest member of Kakamucho (The town in Paws of Fury), who's probably 100 years old (in cat years). It was important to me that you would hear that generation in an authentic manner.

What Excited You About Being in Paws of Fury

Kylie Kuioka: I really love the character "Emiko". She has very good instincts and a strong willingness to help "Hank" save the village.

Cathy Shim: What really captured me, what the theme of acceptance. The golden rule of life---not to judge a book by it's cover.

Clearly there's not a more epic rivalry then cats versus dogs, you can easily judge and say dogs scary and their terrible, such dangerous creatures. But this movie embraces the idea of acceptance.

To see past those differences and realize similarities from within are the most important things in life. I just think this is a movie that's so important right now.

Message of Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank

Kylie Kuioka: "Hanks" journey from being an outcast to a town hero in the cat village, it's something that people can relate to because, like "Hank" you might not feel like you belong or welcomes in a place.

The message is to follow your heart and find out who you are. It allows children to dream bigger and feel welcomed in a new place.

Cathy Shim: As a parent, the big take away is allowing our children to see that differences are actually a beautiful thing. Sometimes you'll find the best friends in life, are those you think, you don't have anything in common with.

It's so much more interesting when you have different points of views and interests. You can teach each other those things. I think it's a great message for parents to take home, and talk with their kids about.



A hard-on-his-luck hound Hank (Michael Cera) finds himself in a town full of cats who need a hero to defend them from a ruthless villain's (Ricky Gervais) evil plot to wipe their village off the map.

With help from a reluctant teacher (Samuel L. Jackson) to train him, our underdog must assume the role of town samurai and team up with the villagers to save the day.

The only problem...cats hate dogs! Also starring Mel Brooks, George Takei, Aasif Mandvi, Gabriel Iglesias, Djimon Hounsou, Michelle Yeoh, Kylie Kuioka, and Cathy Shim.

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