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By 5/11/2022 01:23:00 PM

During spring and summer breaks, families are ready to travel and enjoy outside. But being outside also means dealing with bugs and bug bites! Before heading outside, make sure kids have The Natural Patch bug repellent and itch relief patches.

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

My son and I enjoy visiting our local parks, so I made sure he wore the Mosquito Patches to protect him from being bitten. The patch is quick and easy to use. You literally peel and stick on clothing. No fussing with the kid or having to spray them.

And in case he forgot to wear his patch and did get a bug bite, he also could use the Itch Relief Patches for quick relief from the bug bite. Also a quick peel and stick on.

While the patches come in bright colors and emoji faces, that young kids will enjoy, older kids also won't mind wearing them. My son chose to wear a solid color, so it's good that the patch has choices.

The Natural Patch products are an all-natural, non-spray shield.

Unlike topical bug spray, the Natural Patch’s Buzzpatch doesn’t contain DEET or Picaridin. Instead, it’s a blend of natural Citronella and lavender essential oils added to a non-woven fabric to deter mosquitoes and other bugs. The fibers in the patch hold the oils and release them slowly, lasting up to eight hours.

Each patch is easy to apply and environmentally-friendly. There are no chemicals necessary either to repel or relieve bug bites.

For relief, the Natural Patch’s MagicPatch targets the problem area, and uses exclusive grid-relief technology to lift the skin and drain the bite. These patches are waterproof and instantly stop the itch. They last up to seven days, longer than the bug bite creams on the market that constantly need reapplication.

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  1. Ooh, we are always looking for help when it comes to mosquito bites. Will definitely look for this. Thanks!