Preview of EatSleepPlay Health Exhibit at CMoM

By 12/06/2011 10:32:00 AM

This week we got a preview of the EatSleepPlay exhibit, dedicated to preventing childhood obesity called, while at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM).

CMom EatSleepPlay Exhibit

Please Note: As media, I was invited to tour the exhibit for review purpose. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

EatSleepPlay is designed to help families with children (ages 2-10) to develop positive viewpoints in areas that most effect obesity: nutrition, exercise and sleep.

With so much focus on be healthy, I worried that the exhibit would be over whelming vast and not much fun for my 3 year old toddler. But it was quite the opposite. Both my son and I learned tons and I'm sure you and your family will also.

The areas themselves are very interactive and each focus in a fun way on the importance of eating, sleeping and playing.

  • Decision Center - Kids can climb up a giant tongue, through a mouth and into the at 16 foot brain where they can play interactive games that teach them about making smart food choices. Children try their best to make healthy choices as fast as they can at the Snibbe Social Table Health Choices tabletop, an interactive digital game where players grab virtual icons and compete with other players for the longest lifespan.

  • Eat –· A life sized NYC Green Cart allows kids to sell produce using buckets, pulley systems and chutes, complete with a 2 story banana slide. Here kids can also meet the Super Sprowtz, a team of super-powered vegetable heroes who fight the forces of unhealthy habits. Dioramas, short videos, books and a scavenger hunt introduce Sammy Spinach, Colby Carrot and Erica Eggplant to children and bring the wonders of vegetables to life.

  • Building Health - Enter the stomach and explore what happens to the food we eat. Kids can crawl through glowing red intestines and release nutrients from healthy foods, while seeing how fiber cleans the intestine walls. A giant beating heart allows kids to experience how much hard it is to pump blood through clogged arteries as opposed to healthy arteries.

  • Sleep - What’s the connection between sleep deprivation and obesity and other health issues? This is the first health exhibit for children to demonstrate the importance of enough sleep to maintain a healthy mind and body. My son had a blast play a game of foosball where he learned how it feels to be well rested versus sleep deprived.

  • Play - Parents and kids can create music together in a soundproof laser dance chamber. Or hop on Zikes, a hybrid of a bike, scooter and stair-stepper, and see how long it takes to burn the calories from one brownie.

The CMOM EatSleepPlay exhibit does a great job of helping children and their parents make more informed decisions about eating and physical activity. Being healthy can be alot of fun so make sure you visit the CMOM and enjoy the exhibit.

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