5 Screen-Free Ways to Code with Botley 2.0 Robot

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Botley 2.0 – a 100% screen-free coding robot for kids, is packed with tricks and functions to explore the world of coding, with intelligence and personality.

With Botley 2.0 ($64.99), kids aged 5+ will enjoy endless STEM fun while learning hands-on coding and critical thinking skills, without the need for a phone or tablet.

Kids are challenged to program their way through obstacle courses with sequences of coding steps, explore multiple ways to code using lights, color and motion, or they can play a game utilizing Botley 2.0’s LED light sensor that makes his eyes light up when in the dark.

The Learning Resources has an activity sheet with 55 Coding Activities with Botley 2.0. All these at home coding activities are really fun, so I'm sharing five I think kids will enjoy!

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5 Coding Activities with Botley 2.0

(from the 55 list)

Happy Birthday!

  • Celebrate someone’s special day with Botley! Press and hold CLEAR, then enter in the following code: Back, Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Forward.
  • Now, press TRANSMIT and listen to Botley sing a special birthday song!

Freeze Dance Game

  • Enter CODE BY COLOR mode and program a long code (60+ steps) sequence for Botley—the longer the sequence, the better! Try different colors to create a wild lightshow.
  • Now press TRANSMIT and dance along with Botley.
  • When the music stops, FREEZE and stop dancing. Anyone still dancing is out!

Maze Master

  • Use construction blocks to build a maze. (Be sure Botley can fit through the maze!)
  • Now, build your code to get Botley through the maze.
  • Take turns to see who can get through the maze in the fewest number of steps!

Word Jumble

  • Write the letters of your name on separate pieces of paper.
  • Scramble the letters and line them up in a row.
  • Now, program Botley to go to each letter, in order, to spell your name. Scramble the letters again and enter a new program

Making Art with Botley

  • Place a thin felt-tip marker in each of Botley’s hands (if they don’t fit, you can tape them to his hands). Remove the caps of the markers.
  • Now, place Botley on a large sheet of paper.
  • Code Botley to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Be sure to use 45-degree turns to make your artwork unique!

Since I only shared 5 from 55 list, there's lots more coding fun kids can learn.

To learn more, visit - www.learningresources.com

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