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Did you know that picking the right pillow can help lead to better sleep? This was the amazing data discovered from a recent study done by SleepScore Labs in partnership with Mattress Firm's pillow fitting process.

Note: This posted was written in partnership with SleepScore. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own

The study analyzed more than 750 total nights of objective and self-reported sleep data.

The study measured sleep before and after customers participated in Mattress Firm's in-store pillow fitting process and found that participants slept 487 more minutes per month on average (or 8.1 hours) when using the new, fitted pillow compared to when using their original pillow.

Data was collected objectively using SleepScore Max, a non-contact monitor that unobtrusively and objectively measures sleep at home. Participants also completed daily questionnaires about their sleep.

The most significant learning from this research is that the study found that fitting a pillow to participants based on their unique sleeping habits boosts sleep quality and duration.

Do you know which pillow height is best for you? It depends on how you sleep!

When compared to their sleep on the pillow they were using previously, participants who experienced in-store pillow fitting spent more time in bed, slept longer, and spent 10% more time in deep sleep, the stage of sleep that supports immune system functioning and metabolism, helps clear toxins from the brain, and repairs tissue damage.

That's exciting news based on finding the right pillow for sleep!

Colin Lawlor CEO, SleepScore Labs, shared "There are hundreds of thousands of products and services which promise to improve sleep, but very few with any real science or data behind them. This study shows that sleep expertise and data combine to help people find the right pillow for them and that can make a significant difference to sleep quality"

Mattress Firm's in-store pillow fitting process is designed to promote better sleep quality by considering each customers' unique body and sleeping position to match them with a pillow that best fits their body type and sleep preferences.

In tandem with SleepScore's objective data, participants' questionnaire data showed that those sleeping with a new, fitted pillow reported better overall sleep quality (27% increase), improved ability to sleep through the night (36% increase), and felt more well-rested in the mornings (24% increase) compared to when using their original pillow.

All of that sounds like great news to me. I confess I do have a preference for pillow types and noticed I sleep better with a certain type of pillow. Seems I'm not the only one. mobile app

But this isn't the only time SleepScore Labs and Mattress Firm has partnered to help those seeking more and better sleep. A few weeks back they announced the launch of the mobile app ( for iOS and Android devices.

With an embedded sleep tracker, the app unlocks personalized insights, recommendations, content and more, helping people improve their sleep and well-being.


• Sleep Tracker — non-contact, accurate sleep tracker provides a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle
• Daily SleepScore™ — easy to understand score based on the quality of your sleep
• Personalized Recommendations — tips to improve your sleep from world-leading science experts
• Smart Alarm — designed to gently wake you in the morning at the ideal time in your sleep cycle
• Sleep Goals — set goals like fall asleep easier, wake up less, sleep longer, & more
• Sleep History – 7 rolling nights of sleep history


• Sleep Coach — personalized sleep insights & advice informed by top Sleep Experts™
• Sleep Challenges — participate to change small behaviors for sleep improvement
• Doctor Report — comprehensive 30-day sleep report and screener results for sleep concerns to share with your doctor
• Data Visualization — trend & correlation charts based on your sleep patterns & lifestyle analysis
• Sleep History — lifetime sleep history, trends, & sleep cycle analysis (instead of only prior 7 nights)

With a app Premium account, consumers get the added benefits of features such as, Personalized Sleep Improvement Plan, Lifetime Sleep History and CheckUp, a sleep screener that identifies concerning sleep patterns and a Sleep Report that can be shared with healthcare providers.

The app is powered by technology from SleepScore Labs, Mattress Firm’s strategic partner and the industry-leading sleep science and improvement company.

As you can see this partnership aims to find ways to get you better sleep! Good night!

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