7 Kid Friendly Activities for New Year's Eve

By 12/04/2021 01:07:00 PM

Get ready to ring in the New Year surrounded by friends and family! Host the ultimate family-friendly New Year’s Eve Party with this list of kid-friendly party activities. Balancing having fun with friends while entertaining your children just got easier!

7 Kid Friendly Activities for New Year's Eve - Mommy Factor

The Doodle Roll - $30-$43

Designed to entertain and occupy school-aged children. The Doodle Roll was started during the first COVID-19 lockdown and is perfect as a solo project or a group effort. The Doodle Roll is made out of coated paper and is not laminated or dry erase. Washable markers wipe clean with water.

Learn more - www.thedoodleroll.com

My Gnome on the Roam - $9.99-$277

Gnome on the Roam is an interactive story with a customizable DIY gnome, who comes in an adorable suitcase along with his favorite things: a copy of My Gnome on the Roam award-winning book, a journal filled with blank pages waiting to be filled, and a magical wooden pen. Designed for children to explore a lifetime of adventures with family and friends beyong just reading stories–it’s about living them.

Learn more - www.mygnomeontheroam.com

Marbotic - $29.99-$129.99

Innovation combines children’s screen time with education. Marbotic mission is to help kids learn to read using their hands, hearts, and minds. Developed by an engineer working as a tutor, inspiring an idea to mesh high-quality toys with learning apps to make reading an engaging experience.

These wooden toys are charming and durable, great for catching kids’ attention. Easily downloadable apps make learning fun, motivating, and exciting. Children quickly learn how to play independently while actively learning.

Learn more - www.marbotic.com

Worldwide Buddies - $20-$35

Worldwide Buddies publish diverse children's books and toys, specially created to raise accepting, compassionate children. Their award-winning bilingual flashcards offer a spin to the already-loved games of memory, snap, and bingo.

Enjoy endless hours of family fun, all while teaching your littles a new language. Versatile and educational, minilingo is a playroom must-have specially created for little explorers.

Learn more - www.worldwidebuddies.com

Zombie Plant/ TickleMe Plant - $7.95-$89.95

Zombie plants are the first plants that play dead and come alive within seconds! Great for kids with a strong green thumb, it is a plant that reacts when touched. When the leaves are stimulated, they will close up and play dead before opening back up again.

Each Zombie Plant Kit contains soil pellets, zombie plant seeds, and a black coffin-like container which only adds to the zombie theme. All kits are mess-free and grow pink brain-like flowers! An easy maintenance plant that grows indoors and only needs a little watering.

Learn more - www.ticklemeplant.com

Readaroo Kids - $5 mo/$50 annual

This monthly and annual subscription service helps parents create entertaining and meaningful activities for their little ones learning experience. Mix reading and crafts together for an interactive learning time! All subscriptions include 9-10 activities and 8-10 books. Each month, four emails are sent with activity ideas and supplies list, read-a-long videos, instructional video for every activity, and life-long memories with your child!

Learn more - www.readarookids.com

Little Big Play Room: Ball Pit + 200 Pit Balls Included- $250

A ball pit fit for any room! Available in fun colors and patterns with matching pit balls. Exclusive ball pits made for up to two kiddos, high-quality memory foam interior, and a soft plush washable cover is the perfect safe indoor playground for kids. The ball pit is lightweight and easily moveable from room to room for ultimate playtime.

Learn more - www.littlebigplayroom.com

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