Winter Themed Art Project Boxes

By 11/29/2021 01:56:00 PM

Now that the holidays have arrived, Art Classes for Kids has released the WINTER ART BOX, offering all the supplies needed to create three cool art projects, along with exclusive video tutorials.

For kids interested in learning about famous artists and styles, The WINTER ART BOX provides
  • an Oil Pastel Contour Winter Sports Drawing inspired by Scottish artist Jim Lambie to learn about contour, silhouette, repetition and smoothing oil pastels
  • a Clay Relief Moose Sculpture inspired by the paintings of indigenous Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau to learn how to sculpt with Model Magic air-dry clay, as well as how to color and draw in Morrisseau’s style
  • and an Acrylic on Canvas Landscape Painting to learn one-point perspective while making an artwork inspired by the famous painting "Snow Falling on the Lane," by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

Created by instructor Kim Bavington, these ART BOXES allow kids to embrace their creativity while learning about different art styles and techniques.

Priced at $95, the WINTER ART BOX may be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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