First Look at NYPL STEAM Discovery Kits

By 11/02/2021 06:35:00 PM ,

Did you know that STEAM Discovery Kits are available to checkout FREE at 30 New York Public Library (NYPL) branches throughout the citywide system? Of course we had to get one!

So we visited out local Manhattan branch, where my son chose the Engineering Kit. The kit was great, it came with supplies, projects and even engineering themed books for my son to read.

What activities did my son do with the STEAM Discovery Kits?

To start, my son learned how to build structures that can withstand earthquakes. Then he built a roller coaster....cause why not.

These NYPL kits are great, since they help kids develop their STEAM skills and creativity. Another reason to love and support your local #NYPL system.

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NYPL STEAM Discovery Kits

Build, code, and stargaze with NYPL’s STEAM Discovery Kits! Available to borrow from 30 branches across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, these kits enable kids and tweens to explore robotics, astronomy, engineering, coding, and more using exciting tools, toys, and books at home.

Engineering Kits

Have you ever wondered why some buildings survive earthquakes, while others fall apart? Do you think you have what it takes to design a roller coaster track? Get ready to play, puzzle, tinker, and read as you explore answers to these engineering questions and more! Kit includes: Roller Coaster Challenge puzzle, Survive the Quake game, and two books.

Young Coders Kits

By coding a robot puppy to move in different directions or guiding a family member through a maze, kids will practice real-world computer science skills such as decomposition and sequential thinking. Kit includes: Coding Critters robot set, Let’s Go Code game, and two books.

Stargazing Kits

Have you ever wondered what craters on the moon look like? How about the tops of skyscrapers or faraway bridges? Get ready to observe and explore the world around (and above) you! Kit includes: Travel telescope and three books.

Young Builders Kits

In this kit, you'll find a 48-piece deluxe set of Magna-Tiles—one of our favorite playsets for supporting creative, open-ended play. Children can build tall towers, animals, art… anything they can imagine! Unstructured play with building sets helps kids grow problem-solving and design skills, and explore mathematical concepts. Kit includes: Magna-Tiles Deluxe building set and three books.

Sphero Robotics Kits

Take control of Sphero Mini—the amazing rolling robot—and guide Mini through mazes or to victory in a bowling game. Create challenges for Sphero using materials from home or the construction set items included. Use the iPad to steer Mini with a virtual joystick, or direct it to navigate puzzles using code! (Please note that the iPad included cannot be used for web browsing.) Kit includes: Sphero Mini robot and activity kit, iPad, and a six-book graphic novel series.

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