3 Reasons to See The Protege Movie

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Lionsgate's THE PROTÉGÉ, is a film that grabs and keeps your attention from start to finish! I was invited to screen the film and was impressed with the fast pace action and how the actors played against each other.

So I wanted to share 3 reasons you should watch THE PROTÉGÉ.

Strong Female Action

While the storyline is sorta basic, after all a female assassin isn't a new idea, how Maggie Q portrays her character Anna had some originality and grit.

You can see Maggie in action in this video clip Mansion Duel

The Protégé (2021 Movie) Official Clip “Mansion Duel” - Michael Keaton, Maggie Q

Star Packed Cast

While Maggie Q is certainly a famous actor in her own right, she's joined by other big name stars including Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Robert Patrick.

Each male actor keeps the action and storyline going, but not in an over powering way. They're supportive roles and characters matches very nicely with Maggie Q character.

A Bit of Mystery

While overall this is an action movie, there's some parts of the storytelling that isn't so in your face. There's a hint of mystery as to who's doing what, what happened where and what's it all means. It's another cool way the movie keeps your attention from start to finish.


Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) and trained in the family business, Anna (Maggie Q) is the world’s most skilled contract killer. But when Moody – the man who was like a father to her and taught her everything she needs to know about trust and survival – is brutally killed, Anna vows revenge.

As she becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton) whose attraction to her goes way beyond cat and mouse, their confrontation turns deadly and the loose ends of a life spent killing will weave themselves ever tighter.

Directed by Martin Campbell and written by Richard Wenk, the film is produced by Arthur Sarkissian, Moshe Diamant, Rob Van Norden, Yariv Lerner, and Chris Milburn.

Lionsgate and Millennium Media present, a Millennium Media / Fourteen Films / I Road production, in association with Campbell Grobman Films / Ingenious Media.

To learn more, visit - www.protege.movie

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  1. I'd like to win because I'm a big fan of Michael Keaton.

  2. my wife and I love Micheal Keaton since Night Shift many years ago

  3. I love all these actors. The previews I have seen, look so good. I can't wait to see this movie, where I can proudly wear this t-shirt.

  4. The movie looks action packed and the cast is awesome. I cannot wait to see it!

  5. this looks so exciting and filled with intrigue I would be captivated by it

  6. I'd love to win & watch this movie.

  7. Maggie Q is really great. Even when she's in a movie that doesn't live up to the hype, she does.

  8. I would love to win this because it looks like an entertaining movie. I love that it has a strong female lead in it.

  9. I would like to see the action and the storyline in the movie. The trailer looks very interesting.