How SmartyPants Women’s Multivitamin Supports Maternal Health

By 6/18/2021 02:57:00 PM

Like most of you I try to live a health lifestyle, which includes taking my vitamins. But lets be honest, sometimes adult vitamins aren't that easy to take. Some of them are big and chalky, while others just taste awful.

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So when I received an offer to review SmartyPants Women’s Multivitamin, I couldn't wait to get them. As soon as they arrived I popped a few. First impression is that they're easy to take.

While I wasn't please to have to take six of them, the fruity flavor and smooth texture made it easy. I spaced it out a few minutes in between. But really that was my only issue with the SmartyPants Women’s Multivitamin.

The long terms benefits of having more energy and knowing I was caring for my body, out weighted that small issue.

Add in SmartyPants social tie partnership with Vitamin Angels, and I'm happy to pop the six multivitamin, especially if it will help another mother.

SmartyPants and Vitamin Angels

SmartyPants partnership with Vitamin Angels extends to 65+ countries across the globe, including here in the United States. SmartyPants® hopes to hit their next goal of 100 million by 2025.

Vitamin Angels is a global public health organization whose mission is to help the world's most vulnerable populations gain access to essential nutrition. Vitamin Angels works with local partners in the U.S. and around the world to provide life-changing vitamins and minerals to pregnant women, mothers and children under 5.

In addition to the partnership with Vitamin Angels, SmartyPants® is also focused on their impact to the planet by using sustainable packaging and responsible ingredient sourcing to ensure they are always doing the right thing.

SmartyPants® Vitamins are scientifically-formulated, made with premium, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

SmartyPants® products are made in North America with globally sourced ingredients, are free of any synthetic colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives, and are third-party lab tested.

SmartyPants® Vitamins can be found in more than 30,000 stores across the country including the world's leading specialty, club and online retailers including: Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, and many more.

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