5 Tips to Build Confidence While Homeschooling

By 2/24/2021 12:05:00 PM

As families go into a year of distance learning, some parents, teachers and students are struggling to make things work successfully.

To help families be more confident with homeschooling and remote learning, Lisa Collum, Educator, author and mother of four (ages 3 to 14), is sharing tips on how to make it through.

Designate space and prep

Designate a space for “school” where you keep all of the supplies, books, and other school-related items. Even though we want kids moving around throughout the day, it is nice to have one central location where everyone knows where to find everything for school. Another great idea is to designate space around the house and outside for various subjects.

For example, have the dining room as the math area and the living room as the reading area. This gets kids moving around and changing environments frequently throughout the day. Prep these areas each day so children have everything they need to get all of their assignments and activities that day.

Give yourself grace

You do not have to be perfect. Learning happens in a variety of ways. Don’t stress about if you’re doing everything the schools are doing and if your child is falling behind. Enjoy the opportunity, take advantage of the time, and seize the moment to be able to teach your children.

It may look completely different than what they’re learning in school and that’s okay. There is a world of learning available and it looks different for everyone.

Create a schedule

Create a daily schedule that outlines the entire day. Set aside times for breakfast, school, breaks, free play, lunch, and even after-school activities. It helps to break down the school hours by subject, so children know when it is math time and reading time. Everyone, including children, thrives off routine, and it is important to make sure there is a set schedule clearly posted somewhere.

Use resources available

There are tons of resources and programs available at your fingertips! Do not be afraid to use them. Don’t feel like you have to be the lead teacher for everything. There are tons of teaching videos and learning programs for various subjects available. Sometimes the differentiation helps children with learning. The different programs can make it fun.

There is no right or wrong way

Find the way that works best for you and your family. That may look like starting early in the morning and being done with school by noon, or it may look like starting in the morning and taking breaks throughout the day. It may also look like doing some online learning and some independent learning in books. Figure out what works best for your family and stick with it.

Thanks Lisa for providing these tips for families.

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